Top Five Facts CSI Never Told You About Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleaner

Most procedural television crime dramas end when the perpetrator has been brought to justice. One of the realities that they rarely show the viewer is that crime scene clean up companies are often called in to take care of the mess that the commission of a crime more often than not leaves behind. Here are a few interesting facts about crime scene cleaning that shows that focus on crime scene technicians do not usually show.

1.Crime scene clean up companies regularly clean up after homicides, suicides, violent crimes, and unexpected deaths. The reason behind this is due to the fact that these crimes are the most likely to leave behind dangerous and difficult to clean substances.

2. The American Bio Recovery Association is who certifies clean up crews to clean up biohazards.

3. Crime scene clean up crews take special precautions to ensure health safety while on the job so that they are always safe fro the potentially dangerous materials that they are cleaning.

4. In the United States, OSHA regulates crime scene clean up with its Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 1910.1030.

5. Often times, HAZMAT, which is an abbreviation for hazardous materials, suits are used during particularly dangerous cases of crime scene clean up. These can include a case with a chemical spill, a dangerously decomposed body, or a whole host of other dangerous and potential harms to the clean up technicians.
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