Does Your Website Get a C Minus?

A web grader can be one of the most efficient ways to know whether or not you are running your business in the right way. When you are trying to reach new customers, what you do begins with the internet. Web graders have figured out the way that we think about the internet and, for that reason, the website benchmarks that they use have become some of the most important methods for evaluating whether or not a website is or is not sufficient.

There are older methods of generating traffic. For example, SEO benchmarking used to include tactics like backlink reporting or backlink tracking. That is no longer the case. Now, quality is more important than the quantity of keywords. That does not mean that the basic stuff no longer matters. There are still some things that will cause people to resist your website if you do not pay sufficient attention.

Examples of ways that you can damage your web presence include if you use the color red excessively on your webpages. This can greatly damage your web presence. This does not mean that there are no times when red is appropriate, but typically when people see it, it says “danger” to them and they will avoid it like the plague.

There are other things that are important to keep in mind when you are building a website. For example, it is essential that people be able to navigate the site in a matter of seconds. They should be able to get a general idea of the company and site in somewhere around 30 seconds and using your particular webpage should never be a hindrance to them. If it is a hindrance, you can pretty much be guaranteed never to see or hear from the again. The internet is where your business opportunities begin and end, and you should make no mistake that they will dominate the future of your industry. Whether you can be part of that action remains to be seen.

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