Live the American Dream Without Leaving Your Home Country

Como abrir una empresa en estados unidos

Starting up a business is difficult. Opening an American based company while still overseas may seem just about impossible. The good news is that there are shortcuts that streamline the process and make it simple for everyone, including foreign and international based entrepreneurs.

The first question to ask yourself is, “Que es una oficina virtual” or “What is a virtual office?”

Foreign businesses owners may be stumped. Stop asking yourself, “Como abrir una empresa en usa?” Virtual offices provide a solution to most problems facing up and coming entrepreneurs, including foreign ones.

These spaces allow entrepreneurs to maintain a physical business address or a “direccion comercial” while working from home. Virtual offices are widely available, giving foreign business owners the opportunity to maintain a professional, U.S. presence at a fraction of the cost. Virtual offices also leave smaller ecological footprints, allowing locals and foreigners alike to stay environmentally friendly.

The process of securing virtual offices varies from state to state. In Florida, with cities like Miami offering a promising start for small businesses, the process only takes two steps. These steps are simple and include registering in the state and showing proof of an established, registered agent within that same state.

The next question? “Why Miami?”

Foreign based businesses and local small businesses, especially ones with digital addresses, are flocking to Miami. Why?

On a local level, virtual businesses are eliminating the need for costly commutes. On the grander, international scale a “direccion comercial en Miami” does not even require U.S. citizenship. With citizenship and U.S. residency out of the picture, foreign entrepreneurs are starting businesses just as easily as their U.S. counterparts.

And an “oficina virtual en miami” or virtual offices in Miami are thriving due to decreasing unemployment rates and a comeback in customer and client confidence.

Opening businesses or the decision to “abrir negocios” in the United States has never been easier. The thriving economy and virtual offices make it a perfect time to secure your “direccion comercial en Miami.”

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