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The first American auto manufacturer was the Duyea Motor Wagon Company founded in 1893. Women have pioneered advancements in automotives and created one hundred and seventy three new inventions by 1923 such as the electric engine starter and carburetor. These are just a few of the fun facts that come along with how cars came to be the powerful tools they are today. Those that are in need of a vehicle are encouraged to visit a Tennessee Buick dealership or one of the Nashville chevrolet dealers in the area. You can find everything from new to used cars Nashville TN has available at one of the Tennessee Buick locations in the area. Browse these Nashville car dealerships for all that you need to get a quality vehicle.

The windshield wiper was invented and patented by Mary Anderson in 1905 when she noticed precipitation alters visibility. More so now, there are countless other inventions that have been added to provide highly efficient vehicles. Psychology professor Jacob Benfield concluded in the “Personality and Individual Differences” journal that 25 percent of people name their vehicles. Those that are looking to name a new one will need to visit a Tennessee Buick dealer to explore all that is available. It is important to remember the rules of the road while operating your recently purchased vehicle as cops have high tech cars that will catch up to you in no time as opposed to the 1898 method of NYPD officers on bicycles. Find a car you want by going to dealerships and make sure you operate it with caution.
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