A Helpful Intro to Network Management

Are you considering a career in IT management? One area of IT is network management. It’s a role that ensures the internet network at a company runs efficiently and as smoothly as possible. The YouTube video “What is network management” defines this role.

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The video clearly explains the functions and responsibilities of a network manager. It also describes what you can expect daily from a job in this field. It’s an ideal opportunity for anyone who exhibits natural problem-solving abilities.

The Future of Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an astronomical rate. More and more jobs are migrating online. Similarly, more of our world is migrating online. This means that shortly there will be an incredible demand for network managers. It’s a high-pressure job but also a rewarding one. Network managers exhibit strong leadership and communication skills. Depending on the size of the company, a network manager might work alone or as part of a team.

There are five areas of expertise in network management. These areas include fault management, security management, configuration management, performance management, and accounting management. A candidate may specialize in one area or maybe a generalist. Whichever role you select, this is sure to be an exciting field if you love problem-solving.


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