How Does Soil Stabilization Actually Work?

Beneath the concrete roads that we all rely on to get from here to there is an abundance of soil. This soil is tightly packed in order to provide a proper foundation for the concrete on top of it. It needs to be solid and sturdy to support the weight that goes over it every single day.

Because of natural events like rain, snow, and more, the soil underneath the concrete gets penetrated and can begin to break down. This compromises the integrity of the road above it, meaning it can begin to break down, as well — cracking and sinking.

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To combat this inevitable process, construction workers perform soil stabilization.

A chemical is injected into the soil from above ground into cracks and holes within the soil. The chemical absorbs materials and creates a solid and strong mass. The soil is stabilized from a deeper point, at first, and then multiple layers of chemicals are added afterward to increase effectiveness. To remedy a fallen slab of concrete, an expansive polymer is added just under the surface of the concrete. This process is significantly cheaper than lifting up entire slabs of concrete and other types of solutions.

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