Inside Look at an Apartment Intercom

On January 20, 2019, GetSafeAndSound posted a YouTube video about an apartment intercom system. The representative for the intercom entry system company narrated the video, showing how this system works.

He visited an HOA complex in Oakland where they install their entry system, the Doorking 1837, the prior week They installed two vehicle roll-up gate clickers and five Prox Card Readers for a total entry system solution for the tenants.

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To operate this system, the tenant must use the same door key operation and the right credential.

He stated that they took out the old syntax system to replace it with the Doorking 1837. This system includes three forms of entry. One form is the key fob, which disengages the lock. The second form is the encode entry, which includes entering the right code. The third entry form is by programing the entry and calling the operator.

He showed how each of the entries had their strikes, and how the same door key operation works for all areas of the property. The representative also shows what to do when wanting to remotely program the system. This is done by remotely programming through the SIM card cellular module. Doing so will allow the company to obtain data transfers from the program manager to the site.

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