Birthday Flowers DIY

In this video, you will learn how to make birthday flowers. She is going to show step by step how to create a floral arrangement for someone’s birthday. First, you are going to start with the vase. You may want to pick a clear one so the water looks nicer inside. Next, you are going to want to start with some generic greenery.

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You can spray them to make them look more bright. Next, you are going to pick your focal flower. You want your focal flower to be a pop of color, and have full stem so it has a direct line into the water. Continue to add flowers to the water diagonally, ensuring that each flower has room to touch the water. Protecting the leaves is important in creating a pretty flower piece. Birthday flowers are a great way to show someone you care. The focal point flower is the your showcase flower. This is the flower you want people to see when they look at the piece. Whichever color is being used, should run through the entire piece- especially the focal flower. Imagine a focal point. That is what the focal flower is serving as.

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