Self-confidence and Sales The Best Combination

Executive recruiting firms

When considering how to hire a sales rep, consider how much money is spent on recruiting and keeping sales professionals. The turnover rate for a sales team is 40 percent, and only about 10 percent of the sales reps in America provide a notable ROI (return on investment). Twenty two percent of these people cannot be trained, and only about half make their sales quota. With these numbers, finding a solid sales team might seem impossible.

People who turn to careers in sales do so knowing that they might not be successful. It takes self-confidence and perseverance to succeed on a sales team. Many companies have to weed through applications with various sales experience, unsure of whether the person will be the right fit. To aid this process, they leave a large part of the hiring process to recruitment agencies. These firms go through all applications and match the qualifications of the applicant to the companies specific needs. Headhunters are constantly scouring online job sites where people have loaded their resumes and cover letters, trying to find a perfect match. They manage the entire process and screen all applicants, saving a company time and money. A mistake in hiring can cost as much as ten times a sales person’s base salary, making the steps leading up to hiring someone crucial.

Careers in sales are common in North America, but not everyone will make it. Sales requires people to be dedicated and professionals who refuse to take no for a answer. This kind of tenacity requires patience and often times, gall that the ordinary person does not have. Headhunters can make the selection process easier, but it will be up to the company professionals to get a sense of the person’s ability during an interview. In this case, the first impression is a lasting one.

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