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Private label seo

Shopping online is not only a thing of the future, but it is also a reality for the now. Currently 64% of all smartphone users use their mobile devices to shop online. In fact, over 88% of all United States internet users aged over fourteen were using the internet to browse for or research products online. This tremendous market comes with one big caveat. Search engine users do not head sponsored search engine results.

How do people in the marketing business know that searches are not not looking to those top of page results for answers? Statistics.

More numbers show us that of the $200 billions that was generated by eCommerce in 2011, only about twenty percent of internet search engine users actually looked at the sponsored search results. This means that $160 billion dollars worth of consumers simply did not get the message. In essence, they were turning the channel when the commercials came and scrolling down to find something for themselves with organic search results.

So why is SEO online marketing and private label SEO relevant? The simplest answer is because consumers say so.

Firstly white label and private label SEO both refer to back to SEO reseller programs that will take your outsourced marketing plan and create dividends from it.

When it is all said and done searching online for answers is a presenting a high level of autonomy from the consumer. They are not going to specific brand names or businesses for help they are thinking: I will find the answer myself. Why would you as an autonomous consumer want your ability to choose curtailed by someone selling to you? The answer is, you do not. The SEO industry is based on getting business and online marketing messages to search engine users where they want to see it.

SEO resellers will use social media. This means that they are not just creating content based on keywords to be read and shared by Google algorithms. Instead, SEO reseller plans emphasize the ability to reach consumers and get them to enjoy the readable experience of the content generated. After all these people are not looking for sales, but answers. If you can market to searches by using an answer searchers will share their discoveries – your products and business – with friends via social media. The only customer that pays better than a paying customer is one who advertises for you.

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