Five Quick Tips to Help You Build a More Engaging Website

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You might have the fanciest-looking website on the entire Internet. But without a clear, engaging setup for your users, your site will simply just get lost in the shuffle. It’s important to opt for unique website themes whenever you can, but that’s not the only aspect you have to keep in mind. Here are five great Internet marketing tips to help you craft a more engaging and successful website for the benefit of your users.

Get yourself on the map, literally.

Having a Google+ business page tends to yield, on average, a 15 percent rise in search engine rankings. In fact, creating pages of any kind — especially through regular blogging — can help boost your spot simply because it creates more content tied into your brand. More indexed pages means more visibility for you, and you don’t have to be an expert in SEO to know why that means good business.

Make social media your best friend.

It has never been easier for consumers to have their voices heard by their favorite (or least favorite) businesses. In fact, plenty of web browsers use social media specifically to connect with brands, and that includes tweeting at them and posting on their Facebook pages. If you don’t engage your audience, you risk alienating or losing them, so always be aware of what they’re saying. Then, respond and validate their opinions.

Go easy on the ads.

Look, everyone knows how difficult it is to make a living on the Internet. Advertisements keep the lights on in your apartment and food in your refrigerator. But studies show that 84 percent of people in the 25-34 year-old demographic will close out of their favorite sites when ads become too intrusive on their viewing experience. You have to find that middle ground between advertising as optimized viewing and overexposed annoyance.

Opt for organic results.

The best online marketing is essentially a good balance of SEO, social media engagement and web design. It’s the last one of those that can end up getting you the biggest return on investment. Enlisting the most talented graphic designers to offer you valuable freelance web design tips can end up being the difference between high traffic and virtual nonexistence. Always opt for unique website themes, always update your pages and always rely on strong SEO to get you in the organic rankings. After all, 80 percent of web users will ignore the sponsored content in favor of natural results.

Design the most unique website themes to stand out.

Everyone and their brother can make a website using WordPress now. It stands to benefit you when you can inject a little creativity and personality into yours. Making the most unique website themes not only engages your user but makes for a more memorable browsing experience, greatly increasing the chances users will want to come back for more. Remember, unique website themes means more eyes, which means more ads, which, ultimately, means more money for you. More on this:

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