What If Your Smart Phone Were To DieFor Good?

Broken screen

Could you get along without your cell phone? I am sure you would survive, but life would suddenly become much more difficult to manage. All of the ease and convenience of a cell phone or tablet is something we take for granted…until we wind up with a broken screen, or some cell phone water damage.

The amount of money Americans spend each year in order to repair cell phones is staggering. Nearly 6 billion dollars is spent on cellular phone repair from phones which have been dropped, knocked off of desks, submerged in water, or damaged in some other way. Clearly we spend so much money to repair cell phones for a reason. They are an integral part of our daily lives.

About 11 percent of iPhone users continue to use their device, regardless of a cracked screen. Sure, the phone is functional, but a broken screen often means misunderstood information, wrongly read texts, and a difficulty watching media, reading articles, and using apps.

Which is why we have smart phones to begin with, right? The decision to repair cell phones that have been broken is the decision to use the device as it was intended…the luxury which drew us to them in the first place can be restored.

People find all sorts of reasons to repair cell phones. Maybe you forgot your phone on top of your car and driven away (like 6 percent of iPhone users). Perhaps you were texting while urinating and dropped your phone in the toilet. Whatever the case may be, 15.5 percent of iPhone 4 users needed to repair cell phones within the first year of making the lofty purchase.

As far as iPad 2 users go? Nearly 10 percent of owners will find themselves with a broken screen in the first year of usage. It is always a good idea to have a good, affordable company to repair cell phones and tablets on your side when making such a purchase. Many stores which repair cell phones will also offer insurance plans which can beat those of your carrier. Just a word to the wise!


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