Three Essential Search Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? In fact, nearly five billion internet searches are performed every month worldwide. Internet marketing is quickly becoming essential for businesses to utilize, as nearly 10% of all retail sales will be done online by 2016. Various search marketing strategies can be effectively implemented by SEO resellers, and as a result, your website will receive more traffic than ever before.

1. Web design. Your website should be centered around creativeness, responsiveness, and user-friendliness. In addition, it should also be compatible with mobile devices. Since nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners use their devices to shop online, and consumers use their mobile internet connectivity to remain informed, your website must be fully functional on these devices.

2. PPC. Pay-per-click advertising allows websites to immediately reach the top of search engine results. While this is an effective way to instantly receive more traffic, you must pay a certain amount of money for each time your link is clicked on. However, PPC is one of the most targeted search marketing strategies available, making it a popular choice among internet marketers.

3. Content-based SEO. Content creation has become an important factor in website rankings. This strategy involves creating keyword-rich content, such as articles and blogs. Search engines will recognize your website and rank it higher based on its relevant use of the keywords within the content. Content creation is used by 75% of all internet marketers, making it one of the most popular search marketing strategies.

Since the entire search engine industry is worth roughly 16 billion dollars, companies must market online in order to earn more business. Web design, PPC, and content creation are all effective search marketing strategies that will attract more users. By utilizing them, your website will receive more traffic than ever before.

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