Stand a Chance Against the IRS With a Tax Attorney On Your Side

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“How do I file back taxes?” is a question we never want to have to ask.

According to the Cato Institute, there are an estimated 1.2 million tax payers in the United States of America, a good amount of which, at one point or another, will find themselves asking the unfortunate question, “how do I file back taxes?”

Back tax filing can be the difference between freedom and imprisonment. Neglecting to pay your taxes can result in fines, up to one year in prison, and tax levies. A tax levy is when the IRS gains court ordered permission to seize your property to satisfy owed tax payment.

“How do I file back taxes” could wind up being one of the most important questions you ever ask. The IRS has many cards up their sleeves when it comes to collecting. One of the most common cards they pull is wage garnishment. This is when the IRS demands that a portion of your wages are sent directly to the IRS. Speaking of cards, Alabama even has a 10 cent tax for decks of playing cards.

The answer to the question “how do I file back taxes” can be answered by one of the many tax law lawyers in America. A tax relief lawyer will have your back when it comes to negotiating with the IRS on back taxes. With the help of a professional attorney, your taxes owed can be taken care of in a way that is not too crippling to your well being.

Before 1776, the original American colonies were forced to pay taxes to the United Kingdom for services and policies that either did not apply to American citizens, or Americans disagreed with. Today, American citizens have to pay taxes to the IRS to fund services and policies that we may disagree with or do not apply to us. At least there is a tax lawyer out there waiting for us, someone to go up to bat for us when we ask, “how do I file back taxes?” Get more on this here. Refernce materials.


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