Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Essex County NJ Can Help With Your Divorce

Benefits of collaborative law nj

What is collaborative divorce nj, and why might you need collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ? Essentially, collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. Rather than enter into an adversarial type of process, the two divorcing parties agree to use collaborative techniques to resolve and finalize the divorce.

While the collaborative process may be less contentious than a regular divorce, it is still beneficial to both parties to seek the counsel of collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ. In addition to divorce proceedings, collaborative law can also apply to child custody agreements. Additional benefits of collaborative law nj is that this process is generally less time consuming, as well as less costly that regular litigation. Again, collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ can assist you through the entire process.

New Jersey and the rest of the country have some interesting statistics concerning divorce, which may press the case for using collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ. In New Jersey, only nine percent of adults are divorced. This is compared to the nearly 52 percent who are currently married. A study published in the American Law and Economics Review states that women file a bit more than two thirds of the divorce case in the United States. Another finding is that 48 percent of black women between the ages of 50 and 59 have divorced at least once. Collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ are aware of these statistics.

There are many lawyers trained in collaborative law, as more than 22,000 attorneys around the world have received training in collaborative law. It will be simple to find collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ, or collaborative divorce lawyers Union County NJ.

Having legal representation, such as that provided by collaborative divorce lawyers Essex County NJ, will ensure that you are guided through the court system in the correct manner. You will have someone on your side that understands the system and will be able to guide you to a successful and beneficial resolution of your divorce.


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