Carbide, A Very Useful Metal

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Carbide is an extremely useful metal for many applications. Tungsten carbide is almost three times stronger than steel. It it also useful in high temperature applications due to its very high melting temperature.

Due to the alloys super durable nature tungsten carbide scrap can be valuable and businesses can sell carbide scrap to a recycling company for recycling and remanufacturing. Since many industries utilize varying amounts of carbide, there is a growing market for those who buy and sell scrap carbide. Carbide scrap prices vary depending on a number of factors including size of the scrap and the quality of the metal. There are a few different alloys referred to as carbide, and depending on the variety you have the carbide scrap prices will differ.

Machining carbide is not an easy process. The hardness of the metal means that only substantially harder materials, like diamond, can be used. With the hardness and durability of tungsten carbide it is a very popular material for creating tools for machining. Carbide can maintain a sharp edge for longer periods of time than other metals, and its high heat tolerance allows for faster machining. Scrap carbide buyers will frequently work with machining companies to buy tools they no longer use. If you have carbide tools that you are no longer, call around for the best carbide scrap prices.

Small quantities of carbide can be found in many brands tire spikes and some walking poles. Manufacturers use carbide because it will give more life then softer easily worn metals. Carbide scrap prices for these items may not be very high due to the small amount of carbide used in these items. Tungsten carbide has also seen a recent surge in popularity among jewelry manufacturers.

Carbide wedding bands have become popular in recent years for a number of reasons. Carbide offers a distinctive look and is very hard to scratch or damage. Gold, the most commonly used metal for wedding bands, is a fairly soft metal that is easy to scratch and will lose its polish over time.

The cost of items made from carbide can fluctuate with changes is carbide scrap prices. With the many varieties of carbide and its uses getting the best carbide scrap prices can be important to your business.

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