Giving Engraved Stones for a Quirky Gift

Engraved stones

Engraved stones are made by sandblasting the stone with something that is abrasive. There are custom engraved stones that are used in cemeteries. Dog memorial stones are also some of the custom engraved stones that people buy when their beloved pets die. Rock engraving has been done for centuries. Did you know they have found some engraved stones called petroglyphs that are as old as 27,000 years old in Australia? Its true, engraved stones have been around for a long time. Engraved stones are even used in garden art ideas and they make some really quirky gifts to give too. People who are looking for unique wedding gifts should considered giving the bride and groom a stone that engraved with their wedding date and names on it.

People use rocks and stones that can be engraved for all kinds of things. You can use them just because you like how they look ad a decorative item in your home or garden. You can use a stone that is engraved as a doorstop or as a paperweight for instance. People send these kinds of gifts as thank you gifts and you can uses unusual stones for an award or trophy gift. People love to get and give memorial stones and stones just because they are fun to have and to hold. That fact was shown to be true when the guy made pet rocks and put them up for sale. He made over a million and a half in the first year alone.

Today, you can find engraved stones on the internet, in garden stores, at cemeteries for people and cemeteries for animals. You can see engraved stones in art stores and in antique shops and anywhere they are selling unusual and unique gifts. If you are looking for engraved stones you can get an idea of what to look for by searching online for them. There are all kinds of pictures on the internet of unusual and unique engraved stones that are available today.

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