The Need for a Silt Curtain With Construction Projects

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A turbidity barrier, also called a silt curtain, is absolutely vital for commercial projects in which sediment, dirt or debris could get into a nearby stream, river or other body of water. This silt curtain protects waterways from being contaminated, and it helps the companies completing these projects to stay up to code, preventing them from being sued or getting fined for allowing contaminated water to seep into streams, potentially damaging wildlife. In a perfect world, every company would use a silt barrier like this to prevent such things from occurring, but most construction businesses do not come equipped with such products. Thus, they must purchase a turbidity curtain for themselves and be proactive about it to avoid the need to dredge a body of water after a project’s completion. Fortunately, companies sell these barriers and curtains specifically for the construction and logistics industries to keep the world’s waterways clean.

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