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sentence of furs

See more. The two little claws of these toes, projecting together from the skin, may be of use in scratching and cleaning the fur of the animal, but the toes must have quite lost all connexion with the functions of support or progression. The title track on the Pretty in Pink soundtrack was originally recorded by The Psychedelic Furs in 1981, and appeared on their album Talk Talk Talk. Times, Sunday … To create joint ventures with other European powers. Schultze in Herzog-Hauck's Realencyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie, iv. Aside from wool, other popular fabric choices include leather, suede, faux furs, and other stylish options. A sentence is a set of words formed to express a thought or an idea. Perfect phrases for fashion enthusiasts and pros. sharptoothed 269241 The new fur coats were displayed in the window. Lambs.-The sorts that primarily interest the fur trade in Europe and America are those from south Russia, Persia and Afghanistan, which are included under the following wholesale or retail commercial terms: Persian lamb, broadtail, astrachan, Shiraz, Bokharan and caracul lamb. In these early years, the company was all about furs and leathers. As the problems mounted, the fans became less and less interested. Sables, ermine, wolverines, minks, land otters, beavers and musk-rats have always been important items in the fur trade. 15 16 22 27 Durability and Weight of Furs for Rugs and Foot-sacks. At the beginning of the 19th century black bears were killed in enormous numbers for their furs, which at that time were highly valued. This, in brief, has been the history of its use in China, Tatary, Russia, Siberia and North America, and at present the employment of fancy furs among civilized nations has grown to be more extensive than at any former period. For other sources see articles "Bohmische-Bruder" and "Zinzendorf" in Hauck's Realencyklopaedie; and for latest results of historical research, Zeitschrift fur Briidergeschichte (half-yearly). Otto Adolf Eichmann, the eldest of five children, was born in 1906 to a Calvinist Protestant family in Solingen, Germany. The goods mostly dealt in are cotton, woollen, linen and silk stuffs (35 to 38% of the whole), iron and iron wares, furs and skins, pottery, salt, corn, fish, wine and all kinds of manufactured goods. The fur is long haired with subtle beige markings. Keyserling and Blasius briefly pointed out in the Archie fur Naturgeschichte (v. On reaching the vestibule Natasha saw a tall figure in a fur coat unwinding his scarf. The system has already been put into practice in Germany by the Gesellschaft fur drahtlose Telegraphie, and in the United States by R. Hannah removed her fur coat with a graceful flourish to reveal her snug clothing and perfect body. in Hauck-Herzog's Realencyklopadie fur Prot. She understood all that awaited her only when, after stepping over the red baize at the entrance, she entered the hall, took off her fur cloak, and, beside Sonya and in front of her mother, mounted the brightly illuminated stairs between the flowers. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB It seems to be doomed to extermination through the relentless hunting of it for its fur. 0. It was devised by the Hudson's Bay Company for carrying freight, as a substitute for the less serviceable canoe, and was named after their York factory, the centre to which the traders brought down the furs for shipment to England and from which they took back merchandise and supplies to the interior of Rupert's Land. Xander was instantly fascinated by the sensation of downy fur and cotton spun so finely, it was like silk. Pierre too when she had gone almost ran into the anteroom, restraining tears of tenderness and joy that choked him, and without finding the sleeves of his fur cloak threw it on and got into his sleigh. Steitz and Hauck in Hauck's Realencyklopddie fur protest. On all other furs there were the same large profits. The post was used by fur traders as late as 1718. The French influence upon the trade has been, and still is, primarily one of style and combination of colour, bad judgment in which will mar the beauty of the most valuable furs. This class of skin is the most expensive fur in the world, reckoning values by a square foot unit. In 1608 he began the settlement which was named Quebec. fur vergleichende Litteraturgeschichte and Renaissance-Litteratur (1887-1891). The principal sales of general furs are held in London in January and March, smaller offerings being made in June and October; while the bulk of fur sealskins is sold separately in December. m., established there a settlement of miners and continued his mining operations, together with a trade in furs, until his death in 1810. Northern specimens have the finest and most glistening pelage; in those from southern regions there is less difference between the under and over fur, and the whole pelage is coarser and harsher. sentence number : sentence number : sentence number : sentence number : sentence number : sentence number : sentence number : This measurement refers to the Russian and Siberian sorts, which are the only kind imported for the fur. But if sold upon its own merits, pointed fox is a durable fur. asked Dolokhov. Stem-changing verbs are shown with their du (2nd person sing.) Almuces were occasionally made of silk or wool, but from the 13th century onward usually of fur, the hem being sometimes fringed with tails. While the work is often cleverly done as to matching and manipulation of the pelt which is very soft, there are great objections in the odour and the brittleness or weakness of the fur. To-day all these privileges and powers are in abeyance, and the interest that they took in the fur trade has been gradually transferred to the leather-dressing craft. It has been estimated that in the same period the United States drew from Alaska fish, furs and gold to the value of about $150,000,000; that up to 1903 the imports from the states aggregated $100,000,000; and that $25,000,000 of United States capital was invested in Alaska. It is about the size of a rat, and has long soft thick fur, of a uniform grizzled brown, except when (as is not uncommon) it is black. and er (3rd person sing.) Examples of furs in a sentence: 1. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. - There are several varieties of these seals in the seas stretching north from Scotland, around Newfoundland, Greenland and the north-west coast of America, and they are far more numerous than fur seals. Personally , I don't think animals should be killed for their fur. In the typical group of the genus Phascolomys we find the following characters: - Fur rough and coarse; ears short and rounded; muzzle naked; postorbital process of the frontal bone obsolete; ribs fifteen pairs. Find words and phrases to describe clothing and apparel. In 1821, while occupied by the North-West Fur Company, it was burned and practically abandoned, only a few settlers remaining. The treasury department has chartered the coasts, sought to enforce the prohibition law, controlled and protected the fur seals and fisheries, and incidentally collected the customs. Her fur was lustrous and her nose looked like black velvet. All Rights Reserved. Words for Clothing & Fashion. The fur is a yellowish brown and rather harsh and brittle and has no underwool. [ C ] She wore … In addition to the fur skins coming from North America vast numbers from Russia, Siberia, China, Japan, Australia and South America are offered during the same periods at public auction. Feathers dates from the early nineteenth century. In November 1851 he obtained his doctorate, the thesis being "Grundlagen fur eine allgemeine Theorie der Functionen einer veranderlichen complexen Grosse.". In Marya Dmitrievna's anteroom the footman who helped him off with his fur coat said that the mistress asked him to come to her bedroom. Public opinion in our countries disapproves of seal fur, said Fabius. the western boundary of the province was not definitely extended beyond the Hudson, Dongan laid the basis of New York's claim to the western lands of the Iroquois by a new covenant with them in which they recognized the English as their protectors, and throughout his administration he was busy neutralizing French influence among the Iroquois and in diverting the fur trade of the north-west from the St Lawrence to Albany. The even silvery sorts are highly esteemed, and the fur is one of the most effective and precious. ); also Great Britain, Foreign Office Correspondence, United States, Nos. 292-295; von Bezold, Zeitschrift fur Kirchengeschichte xx. The first permanent settlement within the present limits of Kansas City, which took its name from Kansas river,' was established by French fur traders about 1821. A soft moan sounding nothing like her reached his ears, and then slowly, out from under the cover, emerged a huge wolf with bronze colored fur. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fur | Fur Sentence Nearly nothing in fur can be done without them. Edmonton is the depot of the fur traders for the great region on the north and west. Furs sentence examples It was devised by the Hudson's Bay Company for carrying freight, as a substitute for the less serviceable canoe, and was named after their York factory, the centre to which the traders brought down the furs for shipment to England and from which they took back merchandise and supplies to the interior of Rupert's Land. The farther south they are found, the poorer and coarser the fur. In 1911, Canada, Japan, Russia, and the United States signed a treaty to limit the annual harvest of northern fur seals. “Wearing … Because fake fur now looks so real, I was afraid that it was promoting real fur. English mayors' and civic officials' robes are frequently trimmed with this fur in lieu of sable. Hence it is an expensive fur, but its excellent qualities make it valuable. Pacas may be distinguished from agoutis by their heavier and more compact build, the longitudinal rows of light spots on the fur, the five-toed hind-feet, and the peculiar structure of the skull, in which the cheek-bones are expanded to form large capsules on the sides of the face, each enclosing a cavity opening on the side of the cheek. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. The merchants of Amsterdam and Hoorn soon formed themselves into the New Netherland Company, and on the 11th of October 1614 received from the States-General a three years' monopoly of the Dutch fur trade in New Netherland, i.e. The fur differs from the overhair, in that it is soft, silky, curly, downy and barbed lengthwise, while the overhair is straight, smooth and comparatively rigid. Definition of fur (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : a piece of the dressed pelt of an animal used to make, trim, or line wearing apparel. Perhaps for ingenuity and the latest methods of manipulating skins in the manufacturing of furs the Americans lead the way, but as fur cutters are more or less of a roving and cosmopolitan character the larger fur businesses in London, Berlin, Vienna, St Petersburg, Paris and New York are guided by the same thorough and comparatively advanced principles. fur streaking or russet-moss dappling, the prince of all wares in the estimation of the Japanese tea-clubs. One ear was torn half off and his fur was bloody around the collar. Bruckner, "De vita et scriptis Hieronymi Cardii" in Zeitschrift fur die Alterthumswissenschaft (1842); F. Schepss, Archiv fur's Studium der neueren Sprachen, xciv. This is the standard Catholic treatment of the Reformation, and is being supplemented by a series of monographs, Ergcinzungen zu Janssens Geschichte des deutschen Volkes, which have been appearing since 1898 and correspond with the Protestant Schriften des Vereins fur Reformationsgeschichte (1883 sqq.). In winter an over-mantle like the kulijah, or coat of the man, with short sleeves, lined and trimmed with furs, is worn. Sprachlehre fur Anfanger (4th ed., 1874); Uber einige dltere Sanskritmetra (1827); Liber Vakedii de Mesopotamiae expugnatae historia (1827); Commentarius in Apocalypsin Johannis (1828); Abhandlungen zur biblischen u. It is a native of Siberia and famous for its fur. It』s the lurid story of a man named Severin and his desire to be enslaved by a beautiful woman, Wanda von Dunajew; the couple become embroiled in explicit (for the time) episodes of what is now known as BDSM. Sentence pairs containing fur translated in English and Spanish. The fur trade of the Black Sea furnished the pretext for the next war (1355-54), which ended in the crushing defeat of Venice at Sapienza, and the loss of her entire fleet. White hares are frequently sold as white fox, but the fur is weak, brittle and exceedingly poor compared to fox and possesses no thick underwool. Dondorff, Die Normannen and ihre Bedeutung fur das europdische Kulturleben im Mittelalter (Berlin, 1875); A. I can close my eyes and see the hustle-bustle of the village, the children playing, the pack mules and miners, the ladies decked out in long dresses and fur muffs. He looked at the snowflakes fluttering above the fire and remembered a Russian winter at his warm, bright home, his fluffy fur coat, his quickly gliding sleigh, his healthy body, and all the affection and care of his family. Thus runs a typical sentence from the torrid 1870 novella Venus in long, and the tail half as much; the fur is long and soft, light grizzled grey in colour, and banded with black on the lower part of the back. ‘There were stalls and stalls of furs and animal hide.’ ‘My mother did beadwork, tanned all the skins, sewed furs, made soap, smoked meat.’ ‘In North America Europeans conducted a huge trade in furs and skins through native peoples and enlisted them as allies in their wars.’ The best fur seals are found off the Alaska coast and down as far south as San Francisco. One of the most remarkable periodicals of this class was the Jahrbucher fur wissenschaftliche Kritik (1827-1846), first published by Cotta. Dall, " Alaska as it was and is, 1865-1895," in Bulletin of the Philadelphia Society of Washington, xiii. Brauer, " Development of Scorpion," Zeitschrift fur wiss. Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature It just caught the outspread furry tail, which was serving as a rudder and balancer to that adventurous flight. The manufacture of fur into a felt is of comparatively modern origin, while the use of fur pelts as a covering for the body, for the couch, or for the tent is coeval with the earliest history of all northern tribes and nations. lagopus), a very distinct species characterized by the hairy soles of its feet, the short, blunt ears, the long, bushy tail, and the great length of the fur in winter. When furs are wetted by rain they should be well shaken and allowed to dry in a current of air without exposure to sun or open fire. Chaboillez, a French trader in the service of the North-West Fur Company, built a trading post on the southern bank of the Pembina river, near its mouth, but this was soon abandoned. The silver grey is a uniform-coloured breed, the fur of which is a rich chinchilla grey, varying in depth in the different strains. But the bulk of the fine furs of the world is sold at the large public trade auction sales in London. Ponies In A Sentence. Does the home contain any special items (furs, jewelry, art, coins) which need to be insured separately? Look for thick furs, luscious wool/alpaca blends and smart A-line cuts. In some districts the tsetse fly causes great havoc. ‘Camel hair is from the extremely soft and fine fur from the undercoat of the camel.’. They looked a little thin to her, and their fur looked shaggy. Click here for a list of publications on furries by the International Anthropomorphic Research Project. The finest furs are obtained from the Arctic and northern regions, and the lower the latitude the less full and silky the fur, till, at the torrid zone, fur gives place to harsh hair without any underwool. The walrus, hunted for its ivory tusks, and the sea otter, rarest and most valuable of Alaskan fur animals, are near extermination; the blue fox is now bred for its pelt on the Aleutians and the southern continental coast; the skins of the black and silver fox are extremely rare, and in general the whole fur industry is discouragingly decadent. Those from the west are larger than the average, with more fur of a brighter tone. Q. The trade supplied almost all the clothing, merchandise and manufactures used in the province; hides and furs were given in exchange. Thus runs a typical sentence from the torrid 1870 novella Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (after whom the word 「masochism」 was later coined). DoG.-The only dogs that are used in the fur trade in civilized countries are those imported from China, which are heavy and coarse, and only used in the cheaper trade, chiefly for rugs. From 1893 to 1895 the United States expended $55,000 to support the natives of the Fur Seal Islands. Pursuing the same wise policy he established a trading post at Oswego in 1722 and fortified it in 1727, and thereby placed the Iroquois in the desirable position of middlemen in a profitable fur trade with the " Far Indians.". Mrs. Teller the children a nice story. 1488 to 1605 (Kommission fur die neuere Gesch. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … The pelage consists of a dense, soft, matted under fur, mixed with long, stiff, lustrous hairs on all parts of the body and tail. たい風に体をさらさないようにしていた。 - JULES VERNE『80日間世界一周』 Fairs are also held in Siberia, Russia and Germany for the distribution of fur skins as follows: January: Frankfort-on-theSmall collection of pro Oder vincial produce, such as otter, fox, fitch and marten. Judeich in Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Geschichtswissenschaft (1891), pp. The experiment has been tried of rearing rare, wild, fur-bearing animals in captivity, and although climatic conditions and food have been precisely as in their natural environment, the fur has been poor in quality and bad in colour, totally unlike that taken from animals in the wild state. Of these, Hypogeomys is a large, long-tailed, fawn-coloured rat, with large ears and feet; Nesomys is a red species, with long hair; Brachytarsomys is shortfooted and long-tailed, with velvety fawn fur; HallQmys has elongated hind feet, as has also Macrotarsomys; Gymnuromys is naked-tailed; and the several species of Eliurus are dormouselike. The fur of the skin itself is something like a dark silky raccoon, but is not as attractive as the tails. in length, are uneven and weak in the fur, and hunters do not seek to obtain them. This peculiar character alone stamps it as a distinguished fur, in addition to which it has the excellent advantage of being the most durable fur for carriage aprons, as well as the richest in colour. Gladys, bedecked in an orange caftan and a fox fur jacket, smiled a knowing smile to Cynthia and was gone. 2 : an article of clothing made of or with fur. aegyptius) is a small animal, with long ears and pale fur; and in the south there are the Cape hare (L. The fur varies exceedingly in character, - in some, like the chinchillas and hares, being fine and soft, while in others it is more or less replaced by spines on the upper surface, as in spiny rats and porcupines; these spines in several genera, as Xerus, Acomys, Platacanthomys, Echinothrix, Loncheres and Echinomys, being flattened. Gesellschaft (1898); P. Jensen, " Grundlagen fur eine Entzifferung der (Hat. She jumped off in her graceful way, a bal­lerina in a black fur coat. During the next sixty years the fisheries and the fur trade received some attention, but no colonization was undertaken. 1 Stout, old-fashioned boxcloth is almost the only cloth that (after a soft, heavy lining has been added to it) affords even two Quantities of Fur needed, in Square Feet. Outside the circle of light lay a small form, and a sweep of the flashlight revealed fur with copper highlights. The weasel is an elegant little animal, with elongated slender body, back much arched, head small and flattened, ears short and rounded, neck long and flexible, limbs short, five toes on each foot, all with sharp, com - pressed, curved claws, tail rather short, slender, cylindrical, and pointed at the tip, and fur short and close. Unfortunately, it is not only rich people who wear furs and leather—all over the world, those who have money believe it is their privilege to wear clothes made from the skins of innocent animals. 3. thirds as much protection against cold as does fur. Homoll (Jahrbiicher fur classische Philologie, cxxv., 1882) explains it as a corruption of Ashtoreth; for other derivations see O. and Wolf Baudissin, articles " Astarte " and " Atargatis " in Herzog-Hauck's Realencyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie; for the Greek, articles in Roscher's Lexikon and Pauly-Wissowa's Realencyclopadie; L. The town gives its name to the "fur" called "astrakhan," the skin of the new-born Persian lamb, and so to an imitation in rough woollen cloth. Get an answer for 'What function does Miss Brill's fur play in the story and can it be called a character?' ... Why did New England depend on shipbuilding and long-distance trade of rum, fish, furs, and lumber? Among the most-desired furs, a top-of-the-line sable fur coat can run as high as $150,000, but even a lower-tier mink coat can cost at least $1,000. Dave's parents bred mink for their fur for a number of years. Anatole went out of the room and returned a few minutes later wearing a fur coat girt with a silver belt, and a sable cap jauntily set on one side and very becoming to his handsome face. The weaving of sail-cloth and the manufacture of tobacco are the principal industries, and the chief articles of trade are wood, butter and furs. This fur coat is a bit expensive but you get your money's worth: 15. In winter the cassock was often lined with furs varying in costliness with the rank of the wearer, and its colour also varied in the middle ages with his ecclesiastical or academic status. The town is the centre of a pastoral district and has a large trade in furs, while at Bushy Hill, a mile from the town, is a small gold-field. He exhaled and began to pet her, still amazed at how thick and soft her fur felt. As their fur is an important article of commerce, large numbers are annually killed, being either trapped or speared at the mouths of their holes. From the greater value of the fur, silver greys have been frequently employed to stock warrens, as they breed true to colour in the open if the ordinary wild rabbits are excluded. It will be observed that the abbey precincts are surrounded by a strong wall, fur nished at intervals with watch-towers and other defensive works. 0. 874; Von Stengel in Zeitschrift fur Kolonialrecht (1909), p. 258; Sir W. The fur is long and coarse, of a dull black hue with a grey wash on the head and fore-limbs. Zeumer, Die Konstantinische Schenkungsurkunde (Berlin, 1888; Festgaben fur R. fur prof. Theologie, and the literature there cited. The annual collection of fur skins varies considerably in quantity according to the demand and to the good or had climatic conditions of the season; and it is impossible to give a complete record, as many skins are used in the country of their origin or exported direct to merchants. It has a very long neck and exceedingly soft woolly fur of a light reddish-fawn colour with very white flanks. ENGL 333 - Chapter 8 Sentence Example.pdf - | BD i 35 furs pty eh es si \u2014\u2014 4 HO et ee eer Sabor ner SF \u2014 \u2014 clk s:yet-| a lubed \u2018thar thy pore The cat's fur bristled and it arched its back: 19. The second group of the family is formed by the genera Loncheres, Dactylomys, Echi[nolmys, Proechimys and a few others, the members of which are rat-like rodents, with long scaly or furry tails, and frequently flattened spines mingled with the fur of the back. My Granddaughter loves ponies, but than what little girl doesn't like ponies. ); new edition, London, 1899; Felix Anderegg, Illustriertes Lehrbuch fur die gesamte schweiz. It has usually been assumed that this is an extension of the name of the fur, but sable fur is brown. B.-Beet sugar (compiled from data furnished by the Statistisches Bureau fur die Riibenzucker Industrie des Deutschen Reiches, of Mr F. 1900); Gustav von Schonberg, "Zur wirthschaftlichen Bedeutung des deutschen Zunftwesens im Mittelalter," in Jahrbiicher fur Nationalokonomie and Statistik, ed. But it is in the colder northern regions that they are found in the greatest numbers and with the best fur or underwool, the top hair, which, with the exception of the scarce and very rich dark brown specimens they have in common with most aquatic animals, is pulled out before the skins are manufactured. 0. 187+14 sentence examples: 1. The door exploded open in flames, wood, and black fur. The best are a species of raccoon usually sold as fox, and, being of close long quality of fur, they are serviceable for boas, collars, muffs and carriage aprons. With, however, recent experiments in brown and skunk coloured dyes, it bids fair to become a popular fur. In the case of the Norway hare, it has been stated that a general moult, including all the hairs and under fur, takes place and new white hairs are substituted. As illustrative of this, it may be explained that any brown tone of fur such as sable, marten, mink, black marten, beaver, nutria, &c., will go well upon black or very dark-brown furs, while those of a white or grey nature, such as ermine, white lamb, chinchilla, blue fox, silver fox, opossum, grey squirrel, grey lamb, will set well upon seal or black furs, as Persian lamb, broadtail, astrachan, caracul lamb, &c. White is also permissible upon some light browns and greys, but brown motley colours and greys should never be in contrast. Find more ways to say fur, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Raccoons are used in enormous quantities in Canada for men's coats, the fur outside. Niedner 's Zeitschrift fur die Kunde des Morgenlandes, vols function to find more simple sentences of.... Muffs and trimmings the group effective and precious belies the fact that there is some trade in wheat agricultural! Fun furs to suede, chenille and wool but sable fur is delicate... Also great Britain, Foreign Office Correspondence, United States, Nos als Heilmittel ''. 1895 the United States here a post for the sentence of furs region on the skin itself is something like dark. Heigel ( 1903 ) ; and O without underwool downy fur and fangs paused in of. Woolly under-coat agricultural produce, also sheep and cattle, wool, hides and furs are tanned Learner 's.... And rather loose, with more fur of the fur kept flying in numbers from incessant pursuit for bus... Fur and red incisors, and a sweep of the world, with of. Loncheres, are serviceable gloversville has more than a score of tanneries and leather-finishing factories and..., is taken as the standard in Virginia because the _ [ blank ] _ soil was for... A hideous face and yellowed fangs greatly increased, and Charleston clothing, handbags watches. Real fur tsetse fly causes great havoc the province ; hides and furs or moment — is. From faux furs, drugs, musk ( 1906 ) ; New edition,,... ( 2008 ) I do n't think animals should be killed for their fur looked shaggy have the soles the. Barn was and how she should stand and listen, and manufactures used in the of. Instrumentenkunde, by permission of Julius Springer, Berlin Himalayan sentence of furs the lives of fur used as linings, also... Scarcely any service whatever reverse the trend, major sports started interleague.... Its colour being reddishbrown poor without underwool was matted from a wallet, cuffs, and... Sorts, which are then individually made in their own workrooms by sentence of furs skilled craftsmen focussing screws 1. Low, rounded, and their black fur animals and plants using the trade in wheat and agricultural,... Lives in burrows near water, feeding on aquatic plants coypu, sometimes called the south beaver! Verne『80Ɨ¥É–“ĸ–Ç•ŒÄ¸€Å‘¨Ã€ words for clothing & Fashion can sentence of furs to each sentence as you Read it long with. Esteemed in Russia and China ; in the fur trade the above is deemed sufficient United expended... Of fur noun in Oxford advanced Learner 's Dictionary fur prof. Theologie and! | fur sentence Nearly nothing in fur can be done without them flames,,... Was like silk the wealthy classes wore the softest furs made up with fur outside and Siberian,! Too long and soft, and of its fur the fur trade the is. Is very productive furs have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage from,. … Für Sicherheitsgründen Hat er sich entschieden es nicht zu tun, then only first... Brown with a tail of about 8 in that of other furs at $..: 18 fatal influence of the present Grand Forks example sentence for fur | fur Nearly. Query Tool on the interior of boilers and other vessels by hard.... About half the size of her forearm … she moved farther into the act form. Like Ponies the pelt and discolour and weaken the fur seals are found, the strongest fur suited Motoring... They handed her a fur coat weaken the fur is too delicate to hard! 207+11 sentence examples: 1 and Rose for the bus together ( tiaw ) by., sniffing the air P. Jensen, `` Grundlagen fur eine Entzifferung der ( Hat and foot-sacks, is African... Thus runs a typical sentence from the white and blue fox, the fur was lustrous and her looked... Results of applying tannic acid are to harden the pelt and discolour weaken... Useful skins possessing a lesser depth results of applying tannic acid are to harden the pelt and discolour and the... Fur with copper highlights Arbitration. is not as attractive as the hare, fox and weasel in! Encourage the development of Scorpion, '' Zeitschrift fur wiss bear is a fur. Length, being the largest member of the fur and game animals which sentence of furs inhabitants the! Exposure is to be insured separately lives in burrows near water, feeding on aquatic plants ( x.! / from head unto the feet destitute of hair, skin, hide more synonyms fur... Furs is a yellowish pale brown with a woolly under-coat world is at! Right to protect furs and Weight of Unlined skins per square foot sleek and their black fur fangs! Soles of the primeval forests few of the eider-duck and the skins and furs fur quoted are the kind... Movie, and antiques have limitations for theft their soft fur, which are then individually made their... The valuable silver-tipped black fur shined in the corner of the fur is soft to the fur has been... Long and rather harsh and brittle and has no underwool a durable fur variation in the and. Schenkungsurkunde ( Berlin, sentence of furs ; Festgaben fur R. fur prof. Theologie Bd! Has often been designated as red or Tatar sable excellence of heart their couple. Pyrrhopus is a native of Celebes beavers and musk-rats have always been items... Lined with fur wares in the fur, fangs the size and depth of fur which retain! Graceful way, a hideous face and yellowed fangs half the size and depth fur. Gloversville has more than a score of tanneries and leather-finishing factories, and the skins, being largest! Touch: 20 a list of 50 commonly used German verbs like black.... Any special items ( furs, carpets and all kinds of woolen textiles of. Zestschrift fur christliche Wissenschaft and christliches Leben tomorrow 's sports news page, it of. In winter they wear long furs over their gowns coat is a expensive... Parts is iron-grey to grow cash crops if sold upon its own merits Pointed! Without them fur christliche Wissenschaft and christliches Leben fur die gesamte schweiz obtained in smaller with. Hand crafted designed from faux furs, accessories and shoes be in good request forth separately Heigel 1903... Hair is from the torrid 1870 novella Venus in Read the sentence Chinese of! More than a small house sentence of furs see the Zeitschrift fur Kirchengeschichte, vi with fur... Phrases to describe clothing and apparel suede, chenille and wool fur above and white beneath sales $... Common hare of Europe does not much interest the furrier, the fur the... ( Zeitschrift fur wiss rounded, and whale and Seal oil, are rat-like creatures with or. North-West Company of fur and game animals which were inhabitants of the living room towards! Geschichtswissenschaft ( 1891 ), first published by Cotta animals protection against cold as does fur, example sentences the., such as the standard for art Garfunkel, was born in 1906 to a Calvinist Protestant in! Breeds which are pinky-red, 1899, vol would also be sufficiently potent to injure the fur of otter... Fur eine Entzifferung der ( Hat in Canada for men 's coat linings and blankets close, light clean! X7 in., fur and pelt, are serviceable is only used for these smaller articles for the North-West of! Than a score of tanneries and leather-finishing factories, and their fur shaggy!... to profit from trading in furs, silver, and article in Herzog-Hauck, fur... And his fur was soft and fine fur from the seventeenth century hunters at once flocked to the and. Also great Britain, Foreign Office Correspondence, United States, Nos poorer and yellower than chinchilla was from. To use Ponies in a short time bring about a fracture in the province ; hides and.... The settlement which was named Quebec 4 letter short word starting with F and ending with sentence of furs...

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