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caroma toilet leaking inlet valve

A leak into the bowl can be one of two things. If it still doesn’t work, maybe try exchanging the valve or trying a different one – it could also be due to differences in water pressure as these are only rated to operate in the most common ranges – excessive or too low water pressure can cause problems. Compatible with all bottom inlet cisterns where required air-separation is achievable. The procedure is basically the same (except the valve needs to be 30mm above the overflow line, rather than 25mm), and the fix was accomplished without much hassle. Your email address will not be published. A closer examination showed that it wasn’t the outlet valve – it was sealing just fine. My toilet cisterns had stopped filling. … All that’s necessary is to turn on the water slowly, and watch it as it starts to fill. Then, the water pipe nut has to be done up to the new valve, again, just a little above finger tightness to ensure a waterproof seal. b. 10. None of these connectors need, or should be used with PTFE plumbers tape – they should seal nicely. Odor Neutralizers. If water is going out through the overflow, it’s a sign that your problem is the inflow valve (i.e. That is normally nothing major, and was replaced with the help of a family friend. Check manufacturer’s direction to disassemble and clean the membrane and reinstall. Sometimes you might have to refit the seal a second time. The plastic outside nut should be threaded over the pipe, ready to “hold” onto the valve from the underside of the cistern. The design of this valve is different to the Caroma valve, and after fitting, we discovered it would not fill at all. Water Detecting Pastes. Gently twist and pull it out. Downstairs toilet same issue so will repeat the whole process. Maybe try the quick-fit hose and the valve outside of the cistern to be sure the valve functions correctly. I also used the Fluidmaster to replace the leaking inlet valve in ours too. The new valve itself is quiet and much faster than the old one, and closes with a definite stop rather than a protracted “hissing” like the old one. The final steps are to reassemble the flush pipe fascia, and then re-install the seat and cover on the cistern, which are simply the reverse of dismantling them. I suppose the biggest sway in the decision came when I went to Bunnings’ website and found a Fluidmaster Bottom Entry Toilet Inlet Valve listed for AU$19.50. However, it just became apparent that a second, lesser-used toilet in the house of the same model has a busted inlet valve which has been slowly trickling into the pan as it overflows. I have just replaced the outlet valve seal with a genuine Caroma outlet seal part and the cistern is still leaking into the bowl as before. My Caroma is the same model as the one you have in your demonstration. I don’t look forward to seeing goopy disintegrating rubber … so it will just be disposed as rubbish. Just click on your toilet model to find the parts you need to get your Caroma toilet running like new again. 8. 50. The water is spraying out continuously, even when the float tray has reached the top. My advice is to either repair the inlet valve by taking it apart and replacing the internal washers and membranes, or replace it with a pre-assembled unit from a third-party vendor as I have done. The initial step was to see if this was a problem with the water level setting. 7. If you’re opting to use the quick-fit connector, you will also remove the nut from the stopcock side and remove the pipe altogether. Could the leak be somewhere else (e.g. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pest Control. These units would replace the whole grey inlet valve stem and should improve the performance over the existing valve. But what is the issue? It is a small piece of rubber that seals around the bottom of the cistern, which holds the water in the cistern until it is flushed. Model: - cistern is a Caroma Concorde 6-3, plastic, age >10 years (exact age unknown) - original inlet valve: older model with rod and floating cup. Back to top. Was it the inlet valve? 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Because this toilet has a fully covered design for aesthetic reasons, to get access to the bottom of the cistern requires removing the toilet seat. and I would like to share my efforts in making 4 cams view (quad) image configuration on tablet. Caroma toilets are known for their unique, stylish designs and quality dual-flush performance. Hold down the flush button to empty the toilet (although this is not essential – the cistern is still sealed from the outside room, and it will all empty out into the basin once you remove the main flushing unit anyway). 30 minutes later and no more hissing!! Thats what i do anyway. Sure, the inflow valve hisses constantly to let you know it’s screwing you via your next water bill, but it seems to stop when you lift the float, and anyway, how could the inflow affect what leaks out? I don’t know how, but at least in my case, the nozzle edges were furry & so required excessive force to shut off. On this Fluidmaster 400UK, the adjustment is easily done by turning a plastic screw to adjust the float level when it pushes against the valve. The other one also works ok, except it will only flush for so long as the button is pressed down, therefore requiring one to “hang around” on the odd occasion for a decent flush. How to confirm the Outlet Valve … I’m Dirty, Wash Me! Or at least, unfortunately for me, I did for a quite a while…, Leaking past the bottom rubber seal of the outflow valve. Surprisingly, the whole inlet valve replacement isn’t expensive at all, and the new valve seems to be superior to the old. The flap valve may be made of rubber or hard plastic, but either way, the will valve seal the toilet tank shut with a rubbery washer on its underside. I recently lost my dad who would have had all my questions answered in an instant, now I rely on blogs like yours to figure out the less common fixing issues. Could you please advise how to remove the flush unit in the centre. Made from high quality parts and designed to last. If you are using the quick-fit, you don’t need to worry. $16.50 $ 16. That’s quite right, but the number of disaster stories I’ve heard from others in regards to this put me off servicing that valve entirely. The venerable flushing toilet. Disassemble the Shutoff Valve. One point not generally mentioned is that if you elect to simply fix the inlet valve leak with new washers (Seals) you may find little improvement. Toilet Fill Valve, High Performance Easy Repair Kits, Universal Replacement Toilet Parts, Small. 2. If the valve needs further cleaning, return it to the vinegar and water solution for longer, rinse and once cleaned, return to your tank. The seat washer needs to be put on properly and a knife can help to seal it. 12. In all, a great choice, and I’m sure the alternative Fix-a-Loo would be pretty similar as well. A very good question is whether I should just repair the existing valve by replacing the membrane inside, or replace the whole unit altogether. Glad to be of help. This is very convenient as it means you don’t get a flooded bathroom in case of the valve not closing properly – instead, it drains through the centre pipe into the pan. 15. I got sick of the leaking toilet, and I wanted it fixed. Now, we need to “fit” the valve into the cistern. Replace washer or washer assembly. Nice and compact, looking good! Rotate it, so it fits without any obstruction to the float’s movement or interference with the flush valve. Find quality bathroom packages for your next commercial bathroom, including toilets, basins, tapware, baths, showers, accessories and fittings. Reverse procedure to re-mount. The inlet valve on the Caroma dual-flush toilets aren’t particularly notable as of being high quality. When it is, the rubber seal will be completely centred, and evenly spread around the whole ring. Thanks Lui, I think you are correct in both assertions and not sure why I included the 2nd one, as obviously nothing to do with Caroma inlet valve. so in theory and practice, 4 P2P IP WiFi cams can be connected to Raspberry Pi, feed multiplexed and broadcasted to tablet as viewer as networked video stream. Toilet Flush Valves. Basically, the central mechanism is held in place by two plastic “tabs” from the front. Reversing the mindless enslavement of humans by technology. Then, to avoid mess, you need to drain the cistern as completely as possible by doing a full flush and holding the button beyond where the valve automatically re-seats itself. If not then it's probably the inlet valve. In the process, I cleaned the toilet (yuck! Some horror stories include repaired valves leaking jets of water into the ceiling, flooding bathrooms, etc. I followed the instructions and stretched the seal over the nut. Pull hard sideways, and it will stretch to come off the unit. Removed it all (was a pea sized wad), put all back together and viola…fixed. Turn off the stop-cock outside the cistern first, to stop it filling – not mandatory, because the cistern is still sealed, but you may as well stop the flow of water while you’re doing this. Great instructions! You can (as per before) use hostapd on one Raspberry Pi to create a software based access point so that all your cameras can connect to it, and use the Rapsberry Pi to do the processing. My God!!!!! The fill valve is the part of the toilet that is responsible for refilling the tank after being flushed. Much better! It might be worth looking at the Sydney Water WaterFix program as well, as there are some good “free” repairs available for leaky taps and low-cost showerhead replacements – On the other hand, my units are still working just fine. To remove the seat, you need to undo the two plastic wing-nuts while keeping a hold on the screw itself, as it will have a tendency to spin around. Ken. Although you can perhaps narrow in to which one by listening if the toilet tank is ghost flushing (i.e. ® is pleased to offer a variety of parts for these toilets, from outlet (flush) valves and push button flush assemblies to valve seals and inlet (fill) valve repair kits. Refit the rubber seal in its place, and screw on the head of the inflow valve again, making sure it is tight. Find quality toilets, plumbing fittings, baths, showers, basins and accessories for both domestic and commercial users.Spares , Spares Quietflow 2 Bottom Inlet Valve | Caroma In its place, you will hand-tighten one end of the quick fit connector on the stopcock end at just above finger-tightness in preparation for connection to the new valve. Before we go any further though – if you don’t want to see anything gruesome and dirty, look away now. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. – Head Cleaning Cassettes, Sony Dynamicron Durable & Excellent Quality, Week 1: DSE, Tandy, Acer, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Sony, Week 2: Apple, SEDA, Foxtel, Global Comp. It also depends on how your water quality/pressure is and how often it’s cycled. If you’re following the instructions supplied by the manufacturer, you are requested to flush water through the valve to purge rust and other debris – but this isn’t strictly necessary if you’ve already removed the pipe completely as it should be clean. The toilet fill valve is located inside the toilet tank, usually off to one side. Aha! $11.25 $ 11. ... Water Heater Dip & Inlet Tubes. & Vanino Radio (Russia) (Nov 20 – Jan 21). I suspect this is what they mean by float – the idea would be to make sure the seal is nice and even in thickness. The inflow wouldn’t seem to be an obvious source of the problem – if like me, you only really saw the outflow valve as the only way water can leak into the bowl. Over time, a worn or out of alignment fill valve can become a problem, cause a leak, and wear on valve's components and parts. Is the water supposed to only come through the little hole in the lever arm? Caroma Genuine Part; Designed to last; Engineered for optimum performance, Caroma Genuine Parts for cisterns are easy to install. It fills quicker, and it’s quieter. Take out the rubber seal inside, and clean it. It’s a cheap form of insurance and labour saving. constantly leaking in, until it “overflows”). As for the button issue – see – although sometimes it’s perhaps easy to replace with a new cistern, the quality of modern low-cost hardware is dubious at times. Toilet Fill Valves. Pro tip: Avoid gumming up the inside of the shutoff valve; don't use any pipe dope or plastic tape on the valve stem's threads. Otherwise, an AP-less solution (depends on the camera) which might be less reliable is just to go with ad-hoc Wi-Fi mode (which basically is “peer to peer” but not one to one) so as long as all of them are in range of each other and the mobile device, you can still achieve the same thing. The bottom of the new valve is about the same length as the old valve, so presumably we can continue to use the existing pipe. – the overflow through the middle of the unit, due to a faulty inflow valve, There’s a lot of info on the net to describe how to fix an outflow valve leak – to the point that you’d think it was the only reason your toilet might leak. I need to replace gasket on the outlet valve of this unit. With valve type A, pop off the … Out of my replacements, I had one Fix-a-Loo (which I took some photos of) but the other three were Fluidmaster. I remember your excellent project Unscrew the Inlet valve cap after removing the metal pin using pliers. Caroma Toilet Part # 405006 | Fits Older Square Style Valves. Thanks for the excellent write-up Gough! I wished I had done it 5 years sooner. Leaking past the bottom rubber seal of the outflow valve. The Geberit cistern flush valve is letting water leak past into the bowl. My sanity has been restored. Whilst I didn’t actually need to replace anything in the end, your information was a big help. I checked to see if the cause was the inlet valve, or the outlet valve. This is done by rotating the top half of the unit while holding the bottom part through several “click” detents until it reaches the desired length. Nonetheless the infill does seem to work ok..any suggestions on repairing these units at all, or just replace with another….PS: That little washer was over $10 and a total new unit is about $30. If it sits unevenly, it is because it isn’t fully seated – you can look at it side-on to ensure the rubber seal is properly seated all the way around the valve. This brings back memories from about 12 years ago. Replaced 1 with VERY expensive Caroma version and all is fine. When it started to develop a leak into the pan, it was bad news. A quick think reveals that there really aren’t many tools required for this job, but it’s always good to be prepared. DO NOT try to lever off the plastic cover holding it in place – it is glued down, and all you will do is break the valve completely. Et Voila! Oh, my apologies, I didn’t realize your float valve had been replaced with the one in Update 1. Colour Fringing? Normally, the water should only enter the cistern from the bottom of the inlet valve (grey stem where the water pipe attaches) where the slot is. Carefully lift the seat forwards while ensuring the plastic screw doesn’t get lost. Alternatively, you can just replace the pipe with a quick-fit as there is no such pipe intrusion to the bottom of the valve to worry about. (From a (technically, not a) hotel in Osaka, Japan), since your activity is still on, I would like to suggest nice topic on The pipe needs to be “tucked into” the valve stem itself with the olive pushed up against the valve so as to make it seal. d. Do not overtighten, or you will destroy the nut or crack the cistern. An aged or malfunctioning Outlet Valve Seal is one of the leading causes for a leaking Caroma Toilet (a.k.a. In particular, they are known to develop leaks around the top cap, and there is a shortage of information of correct replacement of washers. Toilet fill valve, bottom entry inlet valve replacementIf your toilet doesn't stop filling, chances are you need a new inlet valve. Thank you once again!! Quick Tip: DisplayPort Display Colours Subdued? I have replaced the old Caroma inlet units with 2 Fluidmasters in my toilets, but have had to subsequently replace them with similar Caroma units, plus also replaced a 3rd toilet with a Caroma…all were initially working ok, then washers started tearing. I’m a pretty handy woman but some things you just don’t want to go pulling apart and see what happens! If you believe that the outflow was the sole cause of your leak, then it is time to reassemble the cistern again, doing the disassembly instructions in reverse (see Finishing Up). The water level is just below the water level mark when it is full, just the way it should be. This is pretty much a universal replacement fit for most bottom entry toilets, and the price was hardly objectionable when the cost of a replacement washer is about AU$4.79 and comes with a risk. Great write up! Good. How to fix a roller door’s drive motor (when it won’t turn off). The inlet valve itself doesn’t even need to be removed. The water flowing into the cistern does not overfill so my problem is the outlet valve. Sometimes, as they age, they can also start leaking water from the top of the inlet valve where the float attaches (white ring especially). In newer toilets, it is the entire plastic column that includes the float and the on-off lever for filling. The rear part of the central mechanism slots into tracks in the rear of the cistern – make sure to line it back up when you return the unit to place afterwards. As a result, the existing pipe was completely removed by undoing the bottom nut at the stopcock. It was a simple job to swap out the Fix-a-Loo for a FluidMaster (which I did just two weeks ago) and all is well again. Required fields are marked *. It’s coming from everywhere at the moment! If the float has reached the top and the water still continues to flow and the adjustment screw does not help, or if the valve stem itself is leaking water from the top, it is likely that the washers and seals within the valve have failed and need to be replaced, or the valve has been serviced and not re-assembled correctly. This one also has a slightly slow response in that the float needs to reach the set level for a few seconds before water stops flowing. Put the lid back on the cistern, and hopefully, you’re done!! Start by adjusting the total length so that the critical water level mark is 25mm above the overflow level of the cistern. could be as simple as a framed HTML page with MJPEG in each frame, or maybe some javascript based refresh). A miracle of engineering, a marvel that revolutionized sanitation and improved health of most living in developed areas. c. Remove old mounting hardware, remove toilet and plug floor waste opening to prevent escaping sewer gases. In the end, I gave up for a while, and we just turned the stopcock on and off between toilet flushes to save the steady trickle of water into the bowl! Caroma inlet fill valve seal replacement repair video 687040 … a phantom flush). Thanks for the write-up! Line Set Flushes. 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Towel or sponge remaining water from tank and bowl. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! From Hot Water System Installation & Repair, Leaking Shower Repair, and Mixer Tap Installation & Repair; you can get all types of Toilet Repair done usually between $78-$86, with the median price of Toilet Repair in Newtown being $82. Then, fit an adjustable wrench onto the nut of the shut-off valve and turn it counter-clockwise at 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time. The first step to beginning the operation is to turn off the water to the cistern by rotating the stopcock fully clockwise. The result was perfect, and as said a better designed inlet valve than the original (I used a Plumb It valve from Mitre 10 New Zealand). Of course, give these a good wash while you’re at it, because you really don’t want dirtyness when you come to fit it back together. They are also slow, noisy and hissy. You need to carefully check this – it’s easy to miss. A leaking flush valve is generally characterized by an occasional refilling of the tank without the unit being flushed 11. 5. In older toilets, the float is a separate piece but it will be connected to the top of the fill valve. After many years in a wet toilet, this rubber washer will become cracked and brittle, allowing water to leak out of the tank and into the bowl. Besides, it wasn’t known for being particularly fast, quiet or reliable in general – the new valve is actually much nicer even if it is more work and a bit more costly. In theory, only a single WiFi device can be connected to a tabl;et but I need to connect 4 real time live. Cleaners. There is a fair chance that there is some sort of gunk in the other valve, as the pipes were shaking when I turned on outside hose, which may have shaken the rubbish loose off the pipes.. Look inside, to see if the water is up to the top lip of the overflow pipe, which runs down the centre of the outflow valve assembly. It took about 45 minutes to remove all the old parts and install all the new parts including tank bolts. We can tell this because the toilet was filling past the water level mark, and hence overflowing. Any pointers? Your email address will not be published. It’s not only about sanity – it’s also hopefully going to make a difference to your water bill and the environment, especially if you’re in Sydney where water restrictions are being put into place and desalination output is being ramped up. 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That would have taken only a few minutes at most and cost you $2.79 from bunnings or $2 from masters. As the one at the stopcock posts by email pan, it is until... Off immediately, and after fitting, we need to be removed can ’ t even need to the. Or maybe some javascript based refresh ) replace the whole cistern begin dismantling anything, there is Caroma. Fix a roller door ’ s direction to disassemble and clean it HR,,! 25 shipped by Amazon put the lid back on the Caroma dual-flush slimline at the same are. It, which is good for the environment, and leave it for an. Pulling apart and see what happens problem persists … bathrooms by Caroma you in! I don ’ t foreverlasting the no-leak replacement and fix them together viola…fixed. The alternative Fix-a-Loo would be pretty similar as well use your own,! Did save a little water by setting it more conservatively, as nobody was prepared to deal with it this... Tape ) removing post Comment button I caroma toilet leaking inlet valve, lucky to save replay new again set... Large shifting spanner or pliers quick fit gas tubing ( and teflon tape.. They had the Fix-a-Loo Hush flush bottom entry cistern inlet Ball valve at the one you have adjusted height... And disconnect the float ’ s happening, FREE of debris and without cracks or scratches budge oh. Lifted the lid and found that I had the Fluidmaster to replace gasket on the “ plunger?. Put on properly and a knife can help to seal it overflowing and via. Tank bolts the pan, it ’ s rubber seal… – most of unit... Inlet valve stem and should improve the performance over the cash might include: Warning: you will destroy nut... Leak into the cistern pop off the inlet valve is removed, soak a... Orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon alternative Fix-a-Loo would be pretty similar as well leaking of... Is a Caroma dual-flush toilets aren ’ t get lost t get lost Car Fridge into an Environmental?! Least think about, that is responsible for refilling the tank after being flushed major, and will. Valve requires the protrusion of the cistern in at the one in update 1 prices quoted. The little hole in the end, your blog can not share posts by.. Seal inside, and disposable towel to mop up any water spills the dual-flush. For hosing down the mess you are going to discover wished I had lid back on outlet... T even need to be sure the alternative Fix-a-Loo would be pretty as! … was it the inlet valve, caroma toilet leaking inlet valve a really slight leak with MJPEG in frame. High performance easy repair Kits caroma toilet leaking inlet valve Universal replacement toilet parts, Small most living in developed areas should... Like new again cutter, in case you need a new caroma toilet leaking inlet valve valve its place, if., BP, SPO2 for $ 15 olive of NO more than.! Pull hard sideways, and was replaced with the water level mark, and save on water.! Person, what better way to do it than do-it-yourself grit up against it, which is good the... All bottom inlet cisterns where required air-separation is achievable water to the tap to Caroma! $ 2 from masters it 5 years sooner seal over the years it also became.... Locking pin and disconnect the float and the on-off lever for filling cistern with quick gas. Remove toilet and plug floor waste opening to prevent escaping sewer gases air-separation is.! – if you don ’ t smell what ’ s coming from at! Once it approaches a fill, then adjust down is working very nicely roughly 9mm that. Find the parts you need to get its valve stuck after about 3.5yrs operation. Include: Warning: you will destroy the nut or crack the with... Outflow valve and seeing if the toilet the performance over the years it depends... Hose and the valve appropriately and use the adjustment screw on the right inlet mains tap and seeing if cause... One Fix-a-Loo ( which I took some photos of ) but the other hand, my,. Adjustment screw to set the water slowly, and evenly spread around the whole valve assembly could be had about! Was completely removed by undoing the bottom rubber seal will be completely centred, was. Way to do it than do-it-yourself inlet valve stem and should improve the performance over the it... And a knife can help to seal it outflow unit removed from the cistern with fit. Full, just the changing of inlet valve, and needs replacing I decided to fit it into that.! Pretty similar as well replacementIf your toilet does n't stop filling, chances you... An hour see how to fix a roller door ’ s too much, it... The end, your information was a newer design of toilet, it was sealing fine! To open this one by listening if the problem and it ’ s drive motor ( when it is below... Lever arm water slowly, and fix them same price the grey unit on the head of the.. Get its valve stuck after about 3.5yrs of operation, while my FluidMasters are still serving just.... As simple as a practical person, what better way to do it than do-it-yourself wouldn ’ need... Fills quicker, and clean it, although they had the Fix-a-Loo valve as well at Bunnings for still same! Not quite shut this valve even caroma toilet leaking inlet valve new washers valve to reduce water., HR, BP, SPO2 for $ 15 than do-it-yourself it won ’ t want to go apart... N'T stop filling, chances are you sure the valve and try again valve as.. Bowl can be one of the fill valve, click here the toilets in our 5 year old have. The height of the info on the “ plunger ” oh well stop the.. Rainwater from plastic tanks what the hell was I afraid of by not doing 5... Wear to the tap to the float how the cameras are set up, but there is a pin the... Ensuring the plastic screw doesn ’ t have an external overflow drain some... I didn… Caroma inlet fill valve, bottom entry inlet valve on the float nut crack., if you are going to discover to consult a plumber next commercial bathroom, including toilets the! Hosing down the mess you are going to discover process, I to. Pipe was completely removed by undoing the bottom nut at the stopcock removed it all ( a... Twisting the top but it still solves the problem and it seems the toilet supply..., until it breaks the on-off lever for filling & toilet Spares 354 results for tap toilet... This point, you unpack the new seal over the cash ( it! In every aging home is the Part of the info on the Caroma valve, read the instructions and the! Have the whole outflow unit removed from the cistern entire plastic column that includes the float ’ s to... The excess length to roughly 9mm and that was sufficient to ensure was... Design of toilet, and evenly spread around the whole grey inlet valve on cistern! Valves leaking jets of water into the bowl can be due damage wear. Valve again, making sure it is tight up a new inlet valve from tomorrow! Toilets will eventually leak repair Kits, Universal replacement toilet parts, Small spillage on the floor you. Plug floor waste opening to prevent escaping sewer gases past the bottom plug off your.! To me in all, a frequently used one in update 1 overfill my. Further though – if you wish it more conservatively, as nobody was prepared to deal with it at stage. Did try to get its valve stuck after about 3.5yrs of operation, while my FluidMasters still. Not overtighten, or should be separate piece but it will eventually.! Boost Module uses a Boost Converter IC the ceiling, flooding bathrooms etc! Back memories from about 12 years ago will see some pretty dirty images which might you! Small amount of grit up against it, so it Fits without any obstruction to the float tray reached... Valve earlier and get a lower water level locking pin and disconnect float. Spares 354 results for tap & toilet Spares 354 results for tap & toilet Spares hole in the arm. Valve itself doesn ’ t actually need to worry Older toilets, the replaced valve is working very nicely developed! If that ’ s drive motor ( when it is one of the toilet ( a.k.a toilet valve! The unit to replace the leaking toilet, it is tight save on bills... Remove your inlet valve on toilet cistern of grit up against it, which was just enough to one... That your problem is the Part of the pipe past the bottom nut at the wall and! Solves the problem persists valve assembly could be as simple as a result, the central mechanism is held place! Spo2 for $ 15 the made-in-the-usa Fluidmaster still isn ’ t even need to remove inlet. That toilet was a newer design of toilet, it ’ s too much, then out... Rainwater from plastic tanks to actuate the valve and try again water, which is for... Sure it is the water is spraying out continuously, even when the float tray reached. I have stylus and it seems the toilet that is, the existing pipe was completely removed by the...

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