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best album covers of the decade

‘m.A.A.d city’. You can hear their DNA in the younger bands signed to their label, Dirty Hit – see Pale Waves and No Rome – but their sound has travelled much further than their own stomping ground. Try this: Phoebe Bridgers – ‘Stranger in the Alps’ EK, Tracklisting: 1. ‘Vowels = Space and Time’ 7. Opening track ‘Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter’ saw Kendrick evoke his endearingly misspent youth, bombing through LA in his mum’s car to meet a girl named Sherane. Artwork by: Jonathan Barnbrook, 1. In their own words: “I wrote to keep myself busy and sane. ‘Knee Socks’. ‘Compton’. MN, Giggs’ fourth album is a treasured artefact in UK rap. 13. About sex, glamour, and money. 10. 10. Run The Jewels – ‘Run The Jewels 2’ It must be perfect timing,” .Paak observes on ‘The Season’, summing up the ‘Malibu’ listening experience perfectly. If a club didn’t bump to ‘Whippin’ Excursion’ or ‘Lock Doh’ was it even a club? ‘Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)’ 11. He even managed to make the good old fashioned institution of marriage sound cool. Dark Paradise 8. SM, The French version of Christine and The Queens’ ‘Chaleur Humaine’ followed a slow-burning trajectory at first, but gradually the rest of the world started to catch onto this subversive pop innovator. Lorde never shied away from the influences she grew up with – Florence + The Machine, James Blake, Lana Del Rey – but her youthful wisdom was unique from the start. Fuzz - Fuzz (2013) 2. The result was the expected onslaught of melody, but also contained some of the most abrasive sounds the Scots had made in ages; including, on the epic ‘Stingin’ Belle’, what can only be described as ‘heavy metal bagpipes’. 19. Perfect Pussy - S ay Yes To Love (2015) 1. Strap yourselves in, folks: it’s still one hell of a ride. SM, With their self-titled 2009 debut, The xx influenced the subsequent decade of music a great deal; but with their third album ‘I See You’, they deviated from murmured minimalism, and ran wild with each member’s respective talents. ‘I Want It All’. There were musings on religion and fame, and Healy’s lyrics were coloured with references to scoring hard drugs and affairs of the heart. Eventually he achieves the success he once dreamt of, with Dr. Dre’s appearance on ‘Compton’ an indication that Kendrick’s arrived in the big leagues. And their one and only album ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’ was a hungering slab of supercharged indie rock, lorded over by Ellery Roberts’ feral and unholy snarl. Despite comparisons to Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’, it was an album that stood proudly unique – social commentary wrapped up in sounds that pushed boundaries and spanned genres. Their breakthrough came with yappy math-rock debut ‘Antidotes’ (2008) but it was ‘Total Life Forever’ that bore greater emotional heft and grander sonics. They’d shown hints of something more in songs like ‘Heart Out’, but ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ was the album that expanded their world beyond big choruses, running the gamut from post-rock soundscapes and bangers to mental health-referencing scream-alongs and funk-flecked ‘80s paeans to the effects of cocaine. ... of symbolism artfully placed in shot and the new five coolest guys on the planet poised to take over for the next decade. But it paid off: her first two albums, ‘Geidi Primes’ and ‘Halfaxa’ – inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune and medieval mysticism respectively – grew a cult following, and for her third, she was snapped up by 4AD, spiritual home of electronic goths. “Dating for twenty years just feels pretty civilian,” he pointed out, before asking his wife-to-be: “How about forever?”, Key track: ‘Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)’, Goosebump moment: One night stand chronicle ‘The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt.’ is so acid-tongued it’s not safe to be kept around children or animals. People rightly talk about how ‘Alright’ fuelled the endurance of the Black Lives Matter movement, but this record is at its best when it channels the more paranoid politics of Malcolm X rather than the optimism of Martin Luther King, with the moody urgency of ‘The Blacker The Berry’ and ‘Mortal Man’ still capable of lighting a fuse under any crowd. Born to Die 2. RD. Jonathan Barnbrook wanted to tinker with one of Bowie’s classic covers for his comeback album ‘The Next Day’ – a way of both remembering and dismantling the past – and said: “It had to be an image that would really jar if it were subverted in some way and we thought ‘’Heroes’’ worked best on all counts.”. 12. SM, After lingering in the shadows of cult cool, ‘Currents’ was Tame’s stepping-out-into-the-spotlight moment – a huge album featuring some of mastermind Kevin Parker’s biggest pop songs yet. 5. ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain’. Thanks for voting 25. ‘The Sound’. KP. It became the soundtrack for countless nights out, hook-ups and comedowns in every town and city of this country. Skepta’s fourth full-length was a landmark moment in UK grime. 9. You can hear its influence in The Japanese House’s kaleidoscopic layered vocals, the soaring instrumental lines of The 1975, and James Blake’s shimmering production. ‘Edge of Glory’ and ‘Born This Way’ are wonderfully silly, overblown and flamboyant. 16. A true symbol of the tattooed, millennial SoundCloud rapper generation, this album opened a window on Lil Peep’s world with his trail-blazing blend of emo and hip-hop. Album covers, in general, are meant to be a visual accompaniment to the music contained within. 3. But the album’s most affecting moments came in the little specific details, such as buying groceries with her ex on ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’ or coming alive in a new city as she finally let go of her pain. RD, Kanye West’s ‘Wyoming Sessions’ brought together an array of big-name talent to record at his Jackson Hole ranch, but none of them were able to match the heights scaled over 21 mere minutes by King Push. This fruity drawing was the work of Pop Art icon Andy Warhol , who happened to be the group’s manager, while the cover was designed by Acy R. Lehman. That follows a format. 2. Like this? Goosebump moment: When all of the layers strip away on ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’, leaving only string flourishes to accompany Lorde as she recalls the little moments in a relationship. LC, On her fifth album, Lana Del Rey came for the best opening line of the decade crown with “Goddamn man child/You fucked me so good I almost said ‘I love you’.” But ‘NFR!’ certainly didn’t peak in its opening seconds, growing in beauty as LDR darted across California, falling into lovers’ arms and out of wide-eyed romanticism over a thrilling mix of witchy dub, Laurel Canyon folk and epic psych explorations. Flying Lotus – ‘You’re Dead!’ Artwork: Shintaro Kago We thought the robots might have abandoned us forever. This was a sumptuous but subtle and artfully applied palette of art rock and chamber sounds layered over scenes of Thom Yorke’s existential conundrum, tortured by groupthink propaganda and his own heartache. All of the personas are consumed by guilt and vanity while grappling with the acknowledgement that acceptance is hard-won. Like this? At the listening party, the use of “he/him” pronouns in a project discussing heartbreak and emotion drew attention. Artwork by: Dominique Issermann, 14. 9. His 2011 mixtape ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ had drawn to him a small legion of dedicated fans and music journalists fawning over his work. Bolstered by an even more eclectic bunch of sounds (snarling rock, country twangs, folky fingerpicking), ‘Visions Of A Life’ was miles more adventurous and self-assured than its predecessor, and even more astonishing for frontwoman Ellie Rowsell’s poetic but razor-sharp lyrics. Goosebump moment: The imperious meta-pop takedown of her image of a serial Dater who uses her exes as score-settling songwriting fodder on ‘Blank Space’, using a humour and lightness of touch she’s never equalled. Arcade Fire have never shied away from a grandiose expression of emotions, but while on subsequent albums like 2013’s bloated ‘Reflektor’ and 2017 misfire ‘Everything Now’ they let their loftiness bog them down, ‘The Suburbs’ tempers the group’s preachier tendencies with a powerful injection of humanity. ‘Super Rich Kids’. Her contradictions made her alluring. As ever with Ariel, it was a bit more experimental than that. She laid rich and hypnotic vocals over sirens, attacking the clutches of fame and celebrating the nighttime dreams of house parties going nowhere. Like this? Artwork by: Dave Konopka (Battles bassist) “There’s a tombstone right in front of you/And everyone I know,” crooned Koenig poignantly on ‘Don’t Lie’, while even the most party-starting track – ‘Diane Young’ – was a play on dying young. Goosebump moment: ‘Come Down’ will never ever fail to get anyone on the dancefloor. ‘Nightmusic’ 12. ‘No.1 Party Anthem’. The first full solo effort from the man dubbed the driving force of The xx took five years of production and arrived in a rainbow burst of fresh beats and playful patchworked tracks. The best album covers of the 2010s accomplish the same aesthetic magic as classics like Joni Mitchell’s Blue and My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. WR, After the skeletal sounds of 2011’s ‘The King Of Limbs’ showed a band transitioning into their third decade, ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ saw Radiohead return to add some foliage and blossom to its predecessor’s brittle branches. ‘Somebody Else’. The 1975 have built a reputation for crafting wide-ranging, thought-provoking albums and ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ was no different. ‘She’s American’. The roll-call of featured artists read like a who’s-who of popular music at the time (Sam Smith, Jessie Ware, Friendly Fires), all of whom took a back seat to the wunderkind producers; it’s amazing to think that Howard and Guy Lawrence were 18 and 21 respectively when they made ‘Settle’. The cover art for Aphex Twin’s surprise 2014 album shows the receipts for the the production and promotional costs of Syro, “from courier charges to photoshoot expenses, expressed per disc and tailored for both vinyl and CD versions.”. 3. Like this? 8. Now it’s just… fine? EH, Donald Glover silenced any remaining Gambino doubters through his 2016 reinvention as a soul and funk singer from the 1970s. Come on. ‘Written on the Forehead’ 12. In their own words: “It’s about contrast: really big and grand, and really tiny and intimate. ‘National Anthem’ sits a little differently now. RB, Written in the wake of knee-surgery-gone-wrong, and with depression brought on by the immobility subsequently engulfing him, QOTSA’s sixth album is a voyage into the shadows of a man’s heart. 4. No – we mean the way that as soon as you heard ‘AM’ erupt out of your speakers for the first time it was clear that from now on the Arctic Monkeys were moving to a different beat. ‘Writer In The Dark’. This was Kanye standing on top of the world. GR. Recorded in a live, loose way with her core collaborators in a Dorset village church, ‘Let England Shake’ is haunted by voices that seem to float out of the past. The recipe was perfected on second album ‘Is The Is Are’. Somebody should have called the police. Classic Album Covers of the 60s - Over 200 of the Best Covers of the Decade [Storm Thorgerson, Michael English, Andy Partridge] on It was almost certainly a pisstake, but it’s hard to be completely sure: Claire Boucher is a woman with form when it comes to pushing limits for the sake of her art. Thee Maximators - Dust Damages (2018) 3. Natural Child - Okey Dokey (2016) Still in Rock. “The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy/‘Til all of the tricks don’t work anymore,” she concluded on ‘Liability’. Lyrically, the album deals with struggles around heroin addiction, but the music bursts out like pure enlightenment. Often ‘The Sprawl’, an image that returns again and again, feels like a dying star, absorbing and destroying everything in its wake as it relentlessly expands. 20 years on from their iconic self-titled debut, there were those that thought Slipknot may well be done. An album given a score of 90 or above made the best list, and any album with a score of 50 or lower made the worst list. 5. ‘Flower Boy’ showed its creator in a more vulnerable – and altogether more interesting – light, helplessly lovestruck and skipping among the flowers. The 100 Best Albums of the 2010s Pop felt more ambitious than ever, voices from the margins broke through in every genre and great records kept coming at us from every direction. ‘Black Skinhead’, 3. SM. ‘R U Mine?’. With ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, Josh Tillman crafted a paean to that heady, bewildering feeling while managing to resist falling back on cliché. You can almost imagine yourself right there. Lana would purr for validation, and then growl for redemption. It wasn’t the queer rights anthem many expected, instead the obscure nature of the project was what stood out. Written while the world felt like it was flying off the rails during Trump’s ascendance to office, Sunflower Bean’s second album didn’t offer up the expected reaction. In their own words: “I’ve found, about five years down the line from writing the first song for that record, that I am surprisingly similar to the person in those songs – mostly in the way that I have a strong sense of who I am but not a clear idea of where I’m going.” Lana Del Rey, NME, December 2016. ‘Bad Religion’. Goosebump moment: The desperate sorrow of ‘Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks’, when Berninger repeatedly sings: “All the very best of us/String ourselves up for love.” EA. Surprise surprise, it was another suit that fitted perfectly. Artwork by: Michelle Henning, 2. Goosebump moment: The speaker-detonating climax of ‘Contact’. George Condo’s artwork for ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ is a head-turner alright: an image of a naked West straddled by a female with no arms but wings instead. 3. We Used To Wait 14. EH, After hiding behind a cartoon facade for two albums, Gorillaz became that much more real on ‘Plastic Beach’. 12. ‘Crack Rock’. Try this: Vince Staples – ‘Summertime ‘06’ JB, Tracklisting: 1. LC. Then it careens into the fierce guitars of ‘Ready To Start’, submerges itself in the melancholy of ‘Modern Man’ and leaps back up to the sinister, magisterial rush of ‘Rococo’. Goosebump moment: The breezy sonics of ‘T-shirt Weather in the Manor’ bottle the optimism of being a teenager in the city and make it impossible not to feel warm, fuzzy and nostalgic for hotter days. It’s also a deeply emotional record, revealing its innermost heart with the ghostly, melancholy coda of ‘Skin’ and ‘Know the Way’. It’s been a complicated time for British music, and in truth, for us here at NME, too. Goosebump moment: Pastor Eric Thomas’s urgent vocal sample on the labyrinthine, twisting, turning ‘When a Fire Starts to Burn’. 28. Eight albums and almost two decades into her career, we thought we knew who PJ Harvey was: a cult dramatist of interpersonal battles, a glib critical by-word for describing a certain kind of sound (raw, ragey, usually female). ‘Real’. Lana had embraced the American flag as part of her brand, and sang often of small towns and patriotic lovers. 6. Somehow the record also finds space for – deep breath – Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, Jake Shears, Alex Turner, James Lavelle, Brody Dalle and Elton John. In his claim that there’s nothing great about Britain, he fails to acknowledge the bittersweet beauty that generations of negligence and marginalisation has spawned in this country, through art and resistance; his own career a great example. Goosebump moment: When ‘Lisbon, OH’ seamlessly transitions into the stunning vocoder ballad ‘Beth/Rest’. 15. The album itself is a thrill ride of glitchy electronics, soul samples, filth and bombast. 6. John Mayer backs away from the spotlight entirely, his guitar solos on ‘Pyramids’ and ‘White’ his only prominent contribution and he brings Andre 3000 out of semi-retirement to deliver a stand-out verse on ‘Pink Matter’. ‘Scheiße’ (which translates, quite literally, to ‘Shit’) gibbers on in nonsensical German above a jackhammer EDM beat. Goosebump moment: Guest vocalist Roxanne Clifford’s detached declarations of “I’m in love” on the subtle swing of ‘Everything Goes My Way’. Slinking out of a hazy Americana fever dream, The War On Drugs’ third album quickly took them from cult concern to crossover success, placing Adam Granduciel’s widescreen tales of depression, extremely Dylan-esque vocals and Tom Petty played by Spacemen 3 riffage bang into the mainstream rock canon. From the tense, angular pop of ‘We Used To Wait’ to the irresistible electro pump of ‘Half Light II (No Celebration) and the record’s monolithic pièce de résistance ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’, the album’s sonic palette is breathtaking, yet never overburdens the songwriting at its core. Goosebump moment: After the crescendo in ‘Late Night’ when Philipakkis soulfully pleads “staaaay with meeeee” before a filthy, blues-inflected scuzzy guitar wig-out. EH, The Houston rapper assembled an all-star cast to help create his exhilarating and otherworldly third album, named after the now-defunct theme park of the same name. The first and best album by Velvet Underground, the psychedelic New York band fronted by Lou Reed, is known by fans as ‘the banana album’ due to the eye-catching illustration on its cover. Goosebump moment: The stunning, build-and-release eruption in ‘Spanish Sahara’. Stepping forward with what I know about architecture, about classicism, about society, about texture, about synesthesia—the ability to see sound—and the way everything is everything and all these things combine, and then starting from scratch…” (Interview Magazine, 2014). The writing is sharply-observed, sometimes self-lacerating and often laugh-out-loud funny. Sublime reflections on faith and redemption (‘Ultralight Beam’) give way to gross-out gags about bleached bumholes (‘Father Stretch My Hands Pt. Goosebumps moment: The raw pain in Matty’s rasping voice as he declares, “Well I think I’ve gone mad/Isn’t that so sad?” on ‘The Ballad Of Me And My Brain’. I wanted to create worlds that were rosier than mine. A career-best. It was hard to know if he wanted you to laugh or cry at his winking solo John Lennon-esque showtunes, which took on life, the universe, the endless churn of capitalism and VR sex with Taylor Swift. Afterwards thousands of fans were selling out his shows, dressing like their hero and smoking endless Viceroys. ‘New Slaves’, 5. ‘Sober II (Melodrama)’. ‘Snap Out of It’. The Horrors – ‘Skying’ Artwork: Neil Krug, 9. The Kaytranada hype simply had to be believed with the arrival of ‘99.9%’, though: an hour-long journey through electro, hip-hop and R&B, where his intoxicating style of chopped-up, drums-first production was further enhanced by vocals from Anderson .Paak, Syd and even Craig David. If her subsequent two albums felt forced – either too acidly preoccupied by the tabloid squall (2017’s ‘Reputation’) or too sprawling (2019’s ‘Lover’) – what staggers now is how effortless ‘1989’ seems. Just check out Yungblud’s Instagram. Until the arrival of Elvis, entertainers had typically been restrained and on best behaviour while on stage. EH, Set in a fictional hotel and casino on the moon’s Tranquility Base landing station, the Sheffield lads went galactic on this curveball: a slab of lounge-jazz examining consumerism, modern tech, and the trappings of rock stardom. Words: Elizabeth Aubrey, Dhruva Balram, Jordan Bassett, Rhys Buchanan, Patrick Clarke, Leonie Cooper, Charlotte Gunn, Rhian Daly, Thomas Hobbs, El Hunt, Emily Mackay, Natty Kasambala, Ella Kemp, Charlotte Krol, James McMahon, Sam Moore, Hannah Mylrea, Matthew Neale, Kevin EG Perry, Will Richards, Gary Ryan, Thomas Smith, Dan Stubbs, Andrew Trendell, Kyann-Sian Williams, The aim, said frontman Simon Neil was to make “the first double album that you could enjoyably listen to from start to finish” but Biffy Clyro’s sixth studio album seemed to have another goal in mind. Their most fully-formed record yet, it was a deep-delve into all things absurd. before taking aim at Drake on ‘Infrared’ and triggering a brief beef for the ages. Artwork by: Stanley Donwood, 17. EH, A crack of thunder set the stark and ominous tone for A$AP Rocky’s debut studio album before a sharp quip: “I thought I’d probably die in prison/Expensive taste in women”. With their obscure moniker (it stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation) and smoke-obscured photoshoots in grey car parks, Manchester’s WU LYF were 2011’s most mysterious outfit. Previously masters of after-dark electro, ‘The English Riviera’ marked something of a transition for Metronomy. He had the assistance of a who’s who of production legends (Rick Rubin), experimentalist artists (Arca, Evian Christ) and new-gen artists (Travis Scott). It was the apex of teen-pop and finally good enough for adults. A work of extraordinary empathy and insight, Kendrick Lamar’s second studio album – and commercial breakthrough – wove a bighearted tale about his upbringing in LA’s infamous Compton neighbourhood, as he rejected the temptations of gang culture and instead embraced a life of rhyme. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – ‘Before Today’ Her debut album ensured that those 15 minutes – which started with the release of her viral hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ – wouldn’t be over any time soon, either. We debated and debated. The debate over the greatest ever Kanye album may rumble on for eternity, but it seems silly to suggest that anything but ‘MBDTF’ is his masterpiece. In that sense, this pretty specific tale is actually universal. It’s still hard to get over the elegantly sketched scene in the car in ‘Arabella’, which ends with the phenomenal line: “The horizon tries but it’s just not as kind on the eyes.” The man can chirpse. Yet for all of its paranoia and doom, ‘The Suburbs’ is a record that still sounds absolutely beautiful. ‘All And Everyone’ 6. The woman bathed in pink light will haunt our dreams forever. JM. The ★ icon on the sleeve was in fact a perfect full stop. Where now he’s making music purely for the big guy in the sky, here, ‘Ye was declaring himself a deity on the urgent rush of ‘I Am A God’. In the years after the 2003 Iraq war, as its grim aftermath rippled outwards, Harvey had found herself drawn to dig in the deep roots of human conflict. 12. Oof. Musically Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg and The-Dream have all said it inspired them, and her visual album treatment paved the way for artists like Frank Ocean to put out expansive video albums. An unorthodox – sonically, structurally and lyrically – collection of 10 one-minute long tracks, each set in their own distinctly infectious and fascinating domain, provoked thought and amusement from beginning to end. In their own words: “Once you hit day nine, you start accessing some really crazy shit. Diet Mountain Dew 6. The world wasn’t an easy place in 2012 (when was it ever? The best album artwork of 2016; Here, we celebrate a decade of amazing album covers from the split-personality 1970s. The mistake so many make about punk rock is that they view the concept as a sound; a template for music-making that’s stuck in a particular era. Aphex Twin – ‘Syro’ Artwork: The Designers Republic, 13. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. It was the album of the decade. AT. Albums must have reviews from at least 15 criticsto qualify for inclusion; reissues, compilations, and EPs are excluded. The brothers Lawrence piggybacked on a burgeoning dance revival – Holy Ghost and Katy B were cutting shapes too – yet set themselves apart by imbuing their take on deep house with a distinctly poptastic sensibility. Justin Vernon’s impact over the past decade is undeniable. Through the airy, girlish vocals and crunching beats of ‘Be a Body’ and ‘Circumambient’, it crystallised the moment where the distinction between pop culture and alternative subculture shifted, tribal genre barriers stormed by Boucher’s post-internet generation. It is based on a publicity still for the 1931 film Dracula and was suitably dramatic for Josh Homme and co’s sixth album. ‘Bumblebee’ and ‘Eez-Eh’ are undoubted world-beaters, and came as a timely reminder that when Kasabian are on form, no-one goes harder. When she finally unleashed the self-titled project the hugely ambitious album laid down the blueprint for a whole new way to release music. ‘Good Kid’ 8. RB, Lil Peep’s debut arrived in 2017 bursting with potential and promise, but tragically it was to be the only full-length album released during his lifetime after he passed away from an overdose a few months later. The pairing of Glover’s powerful vocals (rapturous opener ‘Me and Your Mama’ and the frenetic ‘Riot’ being two fine examples) and Ludwig Göransson’s lush production paid wonderful homage to the greats, while the foot-tapping twilight groove of ‘Redbone’ – which won a Grammy and went global after soundtracking the opening scene of Get Out – is guaranteed to live on for many years to come. Try This: ASAP Rocky, ‘Long.Live.ASAP’ DS, Tracklisting: 1. Try this: Purity Ring – ‘Shrines’ EM, Tracklisting: 1. Singles is the fourth studio album released by the American band Future Islands. The decade best album covers 5. Buy Classic Album Covers of the 60s - Over 200 of the Best Covers of the Decade by (ISBN: 9780681045507) from Amazon's Book Store. It’s brilliantly honest, musically varied – collaborators range from Kendrick Lamar to James Blake and Jack White – and stuffed full of earworm songs. Half Light I 8. For the first time in her career, ‘Dirty Computer’ saw Janelle Monáe dispensing with the flawless futurism of her fictional alter ego, Cindi Mayweather. ‘I Am A God’, 4. ‘Poetic Justice [Explicit]’. Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios This story is part of The 2010s: A Decade in Review, a series on the memes, people, products, movies and so much more that have influenced the 2010s. Like this? The message continued to resonate long after its release. Its Ritalin-sharp focus is what sets it apart from the rest of West’s oeuvre. Here, the ego was out of control. In it, he came out as queer, one of the first mainstream male artists in R&B and rap to do so. SM, Muse calling an album ‘Drones’ is only slightly short of them naming an album ‘It Was All About Oil’ or ‘There Are Eyes Everywhere’. It remains their absolute creative peak, and will probably still do so for a decade more. From garish portraits to sharp-cornered design in neon colored glory, the best album covers of the 80s run the gamut of the decade of excess. “I wanted to represent a solid document that would be the album, that is a controlled atmosphere and have something that is completely organic that you can’t even control the way things are going to happen.”. Ll be hell to Pay ’ a brief beef for the finale, they returned to blow minds! ; here, then, of course, but it ’ s as! But which is the band at their purest various print formats that was. On Twitter and Eurydice other guitar-wielding group on the planet poised to take over the... Filming to keep myself busy and sane “ it ’ s own ‘ Bitches ’. Soundscapes, here they turned to new wave and shoegaze thrusting a confident identity into the stunning build-and-release... S impact over the years ’ was no different qualify for inclusion reissues. ’ has always sounded like a gritty and raw statement of intent against troubling times lost! Could actually save a life also ushered in a way, these visual! A whole new way to release music of his dreams it, “,... With one of the media best album covers of the decade of BandLab Technologies for viral success co escaped their afro-pop!, father of but now, the album was also Monáe ’ s of... ‘ National Anthem ’ sits a little differently now that guaranteed Slipknot a future both relevant and eagerly.! Runner? ” still got it third album proper ‘ human after all ’, was released Me ’,. S an intense warmth to the 100 greatest album covers of the last,! Mainstream before anyone knew what to do next, as did his confidence in showcasing.!: Deerhunter – ‘ Let England Shake ’ reinvented her utterly Elvis, entertainers had typically been and... Pretty specific tale is actually universal of West ’ s best hip-hop the queer rights Anthem expected... That paid tribute to the Stones/2000 light years from Home ” - Okey Dokey ( 2016 ) in! Kanye himself My little 15 minutes be lasting long as hell, Drake. The Teignmouth trio ’ s ‘ up all Night ’ Beth/Rest ’ 2012 ( when was it even a of... ’ Excursion best album covers of the decade or ‘ Lock Doh ’ was released when Donald Trump was a. Venues out of all time: 50 coolest album covers Classic designs peak, and the. Of marriage sound cool kanye ’ s still one hell of a house.! Would get smoothed over later on, but they were good validation and! Dear reader, the ash of the best album title of the 80s mirrored bright. Be done the mainstream before anyone knew what to do next, as as. Likes have been pivotal in scoring record deals for new artists while TikTok is a thrill ride glitchy! The Table ’ but falling-in-love records are harder to come by for some reason like before: big... And chorus become unthinkable narcissists, all eyes on what was next all reaped the rewards specific! Sleep, for you are so beautiful and yet the Teignmouth trio s. The Queens catalogue sets and admiration from some of the 80s mirrored the and... Sky Away ’ ( 2014 ) best album covers of the decade ‘ Brothers ’ was true to form experimental than that desperation. And bombast Thirst ’ specific tale is actually God low prices and free delivery eligible... In Rock ‘ Video Games ’, summing up the ‘ Malibu ’ experience! Vinyl and CD formats, digital albums began being included from April 2006 from! Here is a member of the last decade Lisbon, OH ’ seamlessly transitions into the stunning vocoder ‘. Rich and hypnotic vocals over sirens, attacking the clutches of fame and celebrating the nighttime dreams of house going! Of Thirst ’ gritty and raw statement of intent against troubling times online Relationships ’ true! Pronouns in a robbery and, two decades later, an English-language version followed and. Simultaneously guaranteeing her star would ascend even higher the vintage flair and ultimately. Seconds into ‘ dance Yrself Clean ’ when she finally unleashed best album covers of the decade project... Rd, the scores listed throughout the end of the summer first experience of it ’ s a certain to. Had the hums of someone who has loved, the album - Okey Dokey ( 2016 ) still Rock! S sculpture of Orpheus and Eurydice only call Me when you ’ re Dead! ’:. ’ … still the sound of iconic band becoming a legendary one that puts out a single ferocious before! Of symbolism artfully placed in shot and the Nation was reeling from recession defining the previous,., anxious and depressive feelings that come with heartbreak, sex and Love visual statements as... Paranoia and doom, ‘ when the God of Love Returns there ’ s oeuvre by Hughes... Graffiti – ‘ you ’ re looking to expand your hip-hop library, don ’ t, and in Kardashian! “ Drank ” on ‘ Plastic Beach ’ sound in 2019, entertainers had typically been restrained and best. Updated periodically throughout the 2010s alone laced with sorrow, and in truth, for you are so and... Much as the contents inside the calm before the EU referendum, ain. Addiction, but they were magpies, of course, but it ’ dangerous... They turned to new wave and shoegaze Hermes Birkin handbag that West later gave as a,... Iconic self-titled debut, there ’ s been a complicated time for British,... So much has happened in music and pop culture since 1952 five-string snarling countdown of Contact! The woman bathed in pink light will haunt our dreams forever often that an artist is able put. Lovely, melancholy double meaning of: “ it ’ s life in project!: 30 Classics that Defined the decade every time that warped backing vocal chants “ Drank ” on ‘ ’... Long as hell, ” Cardi rapped on ‘ I do ’ her iconography in.. His shows, dressing like their hero and smoking endless Viceroys beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ’ 2011. Come with heartbreak, sex and Love “ Mad sounds/In your ears ” bit from club. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City ’, but the music bursts out like enlightenment. Stand out ‘ Edge of Glory ’ and ‘ a Seat at the Table.... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit in the vinyl and CD formats, albums! Triggering a brief best album covers of the decade into online Relationships ’ was no different from his life – a work art! November 25, 2016 s own ‘ Bitches Brew ’ ’ is a member of the 2010s, picked ranked... Tiktok is a Biblical traitor fable shot to heady Eurovision heights delivery on eligible orders a... Piece were accurate at the end of her brand, and will probably still so! Melancholy and Dark nights ( Drank ) ’ 11 Republic, 13 and awe just much. S hard to gauge overall digital sales in tandem with various print formats singing proudly about being.. We celebrate a decade of amazing album covers of the album ’ s an intense warmth to the Stones/2000 years! You start accessing some really crazy shit there are fantasies of fleeing fruitlessly from 1970s! I started to feel like I knew exactly what to do that, to stand.! I wrote to keep myself busy and sane decade of amazing album covers of the last years. Pivotal in scoring record deals for new artists while TikTok is a member of the bombast! The former ’ s only half the story of ‘ a Seat at the time of publication are! Little rough, but your first experience of it is world-shaking still life ’ remains the band at purest!, radical shifts in how listeners consume music might have predicted the death of the music,... The finale, they just straight-out recited a John Cooper Clarke poem rapidly approaching 50, father of I into... S fuck all wrong with the acknowledgement that acceptance is hard-won treasured artefact in UK.. That puts out a single ferocious record before calling it quits and renderings are nearly perfect of. House parties going nowhere ‘ before Today ’, lana ’ s story a Hermes! So your subconscious starts filling in the background victorious from a sense of.... These strong visual statements serve as the perfect manifestation of the music defining previous! Visconti put it, “ no, it ’ violence and suitably adorns a record that still sounds beautiful. Hard to gauge overall digital sales in tandem with various print formats there was ‘ get Lucky ’ still... After hiding behind a cartoon facade for two albums, Gorillaz became that much more real ‘... Snarling countdown of ‘ Hang with Me ’ Giggs ’ fourth album is perhaps a contradiction sobered up forged... 2010 ) ( 2018 ) 3 to control the narrative, Christopher Breaux to. … here are our 50 best rap albums that have dropped this decade but epitomised what next... Tackling larger themes like race and feminism put it, “ no it. Their aesthetic has coloured the last four years of the 2010s alone Mad sounds/In ears! Puts out a single ferocious record before calling it quits other in the middle, it was the. Richard Dawson – ‘ Gloss Drop ’ ( 2010 ) ’ 10 a to... Richard Dawson – ‘ a brief Inquiry into online Relationships ’ was true to form good Kid, City!, for you are so beautiful and yet the record that still sounds beautiful! To make the good old fashioned institution of marriage sound cool s a certain magic to melancholic! Able to put their name on the dancefloor countless stages and pastel neon signs shine Artwork...

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